Divine purity

I must confess that I have a personal bias towards Asha Bhosle between the two sisters. I relate to her story of struggle, overcoming humongous obstacles and of triumph.

To me her versatility and class always shows in virtually every song she has sung in her long career and in so many different genres. Despite being close to 87 years old now, she has enormous creativity and has not shied away from singing with Pop stars who could be her grandchildren’s age. Her voice has retained much of its richness that she had at the beginning of her six decade long journey in the field of music. She started really young, when she was barely 10 and has continued to sing with the same degree of enthusiasm and felicity.

Her voice has lost almost none of its range. I believe she has inherited her father’s range and singing style a bit more than any of her siblings. She sings songs based on Hindustani Classical music the best amongst the female singers that are currently active in Bollywood.

I heard this song first in 1971. The movie released after the 71 War which saw the liberation of Bangla Desh.

Lal Patthar was a remake of a Bangla movie by the same name. Raj Kumar, Vinod Mehra, Rakhee and Hema Malini (in a very rare- for her image and career- villainish role) provided some great acting in a wonderful movie.

I loved the last three far more than the male lead. But I must say Raj Kumar in this movie was watchable. The storyline and the script is extremely gripping and Rakhee acts beautifully (looks beautiful too)

The strongest card in the suit was the absolutely outstanding musical score by Shankar Jaikishan. The one score that has so many lovely, unforgettable songs, one is really spoilt for choice. This song has lyrics by none other than Neeraj. Dev Kohli wrote the lyrics for a very lively Kishoreda song, Geet Gaata Hoon Main which figured that year in the Cibaca Geetmala annual list.

Asha Bhosle was nominated for a Filmfare for her rendition of this song. Another very memorable number in the film is the ghazal Unke Khayal Aaye To, a composition based on Bageshwari/Gara sung by Rafisaab. The amazing song Re Man Sur Mein Ga by Manna Dey won the “Sur Singar Samsad” Award.

Four divine songs out of a total of six!! You realise that Shankar Jaikishan could score music so beautifully apart from their trademark music with heavy orchestration with gigantic group of musicians with 50 violins and so on…

Sadly Jaikishan Dayabhai Panchal passed away in September 1971 at a very young age of alcoholic cirrhosis while still 2 months short of his 42nd birthday. After his death, his favourite haunt, Gaylord near Churchgate kept his table vacant and out of bounds for others with a placard that read “Reserved for Mr Jaikishan”

Shankar Singh Raghuvanshi continued to work alone, to his credit he kept the name of the partnership alive and continued to work on projects till 1986. His death was something of a mystery as it was not revealed to others in the industry and the funeral attended by very few people.

This would be the last movie which the duo completed the musical score before Jaikishan’s demise.


Have a great Monday as my city limps back slowly to normalcy. This divine Asha Bhosle song based on Jaijaiwanti will play in a continuous loop in my head today

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

4 replies on “Divine purity”

You really dig out a gem SIR👌👌👍🙏what a song!! Since I heard it first time
I am mesmerised by it😮😮🙏🙏🙏
What a lovely creation by SJ…sadly
not so popular.!! A destiny of its kind!
I share exactly same opinion of Ashaji
as you do..🙏👍..THE VERY FACT THAT
PROWESS 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍

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