A lost gem

When thinking of the countless lost gems in the last 6 decades of Bollywood music, this song popped up in my mind. It is from an early 60s movie Kaanch Ki Gudiya, with Manoj Kumar and Sayeeda Khan in the lead.

Sayeeda Khan was the actress of the 60s who had a few successful movies to her credit and is frequently mistaken for being Waheeda Rehman’s sister (as Waheeda really has a sister called Shahida). She is the mother of actor/ producer Kamal Sadanah and was the wife of the producer of movies like Victoria No 203, Brij Sadanah. She met a very tragic, horrific death with her daughter, killed by her husband who was drunk and shot his wife and kids at close quarters. The wife and daughter died, the son Kamal survived. The father then turned the firearm on himself and killed himself while the son was undergoing treatment in the nearby hospital.

The movie is available on YouTube and I saw it while chasing this one song, the effort was painful, but I do love this song.

The movie has been written (under his wife’s name) and directed by Harnam Singh Rawail, who has done movies like Mere Mehboob, Mehboob ki Mehndi and even the Rishi Kapoor version of Laila Majnu.

Kanch Ki Gudiya has a plot that is woven round a luckless girl, Shukla, young, innocent and delicate, but destitute in a big city. Her dying mother was full of fears at the thought that after her death, her daughter would be left alone in this big, cruel unfriendly world, as she believed it to be. She passes through multiple trials and tribulations including a brush with the flesh trade and meets Manoj Kumar. The plot is really hackneyed and the acting by the leading man, predictably full of his usual mannerisms.

The song has lyrics by Shailendra, and music by Suhrid Kar. Suhrid Kar had been assistant to Sachin Dev Burmanda for a long time and had assisted him on very successful projects like Baazi, Pyaasa and Paying Guest.

Beautiful singing by Mukesh and Asha Bhosle make the duet very memorable. The composition is wonderful. Although the entire movie is very much available on YouTube, you will be faced with nearly 4 minutes of blank, black screen with little else but the SEPL logo at the bottom right corner to keep you “entertained” and will have you wondering whether the link works at all. After you have seen the entire movie, you would feel you should have spared yourself the trouble.

Sadly this is the only movie Suhrid Kar ever got as an independent music director and this one song always makes me feel how it could have been if he had got more projects to show his unmistakable talent.

Have a great day ahead folks, stay safe and stay healthy. Beat the Wuhan Virus. Do take care as the festival season approaches

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

10 replies on “A lost gem”

Lovely song. My so very favourite…it never tires listen to this song 👌👌👌
What you said about Suhrid Kar is so true
And made a painful effort of watching this movie..print was very bad!!
Glad you reminded. Song is written by great Shailendra 👌👌👍👍👍👍
I keep on getting this faux pas about Shailendra!!!! Time n again😄👍
Great lyrics…touching tune👌👌👌

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Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
Doctor Sahib…..Your knowledge of old movies and it’s music is incredible. In addition to your outstanding medical credentials, you most certainly deserve a doctorate in movie making and music. Your talent in unearthing exceptional songs is most certainly noteworthy. Keep them coming Sir. Like all your previous posts, I loved listening to this song also. Thank you and have a marvelous Monday.

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