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Melody, recast and reborn.

A composer using his own tune is not unusual. Many composers do it all the time. A bunch of composers who come from Bengal have done it. I remember one version where the original and the recast version were sung by the two very famous siblings and both versions are very famous.

The Hindi version first. It was actually sung by the older of the two, Latadidi sang it for the early 80s movie Sunny and remains a very melodious composition and famous song. Here is a bit of a teaser where Ashatai sings a stanza for R D Burman as a kind of tribute to the departed soul. It remains as beautiful (if not more) as the more famous Latadidi version from the film. Pancham had scored the music for the film.

A Bangla version also exists from a non filmi album by Ashatai and Pancham, which I found very interesting ( and actually more melodious because of the lighter set of musical instruments accompanying this version). Maybe I am a bit more inclined to like Ashatai of this era than Latadidi’s voice of the early 80s.

Why did RD ever think of making Latadidi sing the Hindi film version when Ashatai had done such a marvelous job of the Bangla original, is a mystery that will remain unsolved till Kingdom come, as Pancham is gone for decades , poor fellow passed away way too soon, and Latadidi and Ashatai will likely never tell us the story behind this switch. Latadidi’s voice has a more classical touch, even a tad spiritual, sad or introspective, while Ashatai manages to get romantic seductiveness into her voice – her rendition is a bit slower in tempo and has the persuasive, deliberate tone brought in. Amazing but distinctive difference in the two sister’s voices.

Let it be, just let us sit back and savour the wonderful composition by Pancham. Stay safe, folks, stay healthy and far away from COVIDIOTS who have scant respect for others’ lives, it is obvious they don’t care for their own. Stay away from the Wuhan Virus in the meantime…


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Lovely share SIRJI🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽👍
Yesss why did he choose Lata? Is a big question and actually you have only answered it..👍Although as you said we will never get the answer now😅👍
From the sisters!!!

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Wow… I did not know the Bangla version exists!!!
I too love Ashaji for romantic songs and for classical it’s mostly Lataji.
Having said that, there are many classical songs too that are excellently sung by Asha Tai specially in her private albums. One that is close to my heart and I keep singing in the early mornings is from “भीनी भीनी भोर, भोर आई…”. from the album “Dil Padosi Hai”… Lyrics by Gulzar and the music by Pancham da will make you feel that it’s really dawn time, not only because of using “मियां की तोडी” but the associated sounds.

Coming back to “जाने क्या बात है…”, I used to try singing this song when I was in college, if not careful and without a tanpura, while singing the antara, the scale used to invariably get changed. It took me quite a practise to master it.

#Nostalgia… Thanks for sharing… 🙏

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wow….Such a lovely and melodious song….. listened to it many times before… I liked Asha Bhosale version more….it’s matching the words and conveys emotions very well….Of course Lata Mangeshkar has also sung it well no doubt….
The Bangla version is new to me….but it’s really very sweet and melodious to listen to…..
Enjoyed listening to all along with your wonderful writeup…. with lot’s of interesting info….
Thanks for sharing sir…..

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How beautifully you have summarised the indeed stark differences between the two sisters.
I still think, very few ladies even dare to sing a song of Latadidi. Even a children’s song.
But as you very rightly pointed out, Ashatai in the very late 70s and early 80s was pure magic. Her songs of those days touches and melts your heart. You must have heard me comparing her often to a musical instrument. So tone perfect. Thank you. 🙏

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