A bilingual beauty with a hint of sadness

Sometime back I had written about a song from Maya that was sung by a Hemantada clone, Dwijen Mukherjee. The movie has great acting by Dev Anand and Mala Sinha, and an absolutely divine musical score by Salilda. Salilda would be probably right on the top in the list of my all time favourite music directors.

The movie actually had a story line very similar to another of Dev Anand’s movies, Asli Naqli. That one had Sadhana with Dev Anand and music by SJ and was a hit. Maya had Dev Anand and the buxom, doe eyed, heavy lidded Mala Sinha (who got more than a fair share of these moping, sad, heroine roles) and the movie unsurprisingly did well at the box office to a large extent due to the music by Salilda. All songs had lyrics by Majrooh, and all were uniformly good. I love all the songs, so many were immediate hits with the movie goers all over the World and this one is high up on the list of the greatest songs that Salilda produced with Latadidi.

Dev Anand is a rich man who is moving around incognito to find out what is happening at the other end of the spectrum. This happens under rather strange circumstances. As the rich man that he is, he attends a party and overhears a man who says he is friends with Dev Anand only because he hopes to swing a big business deal, and also overhears the lady who he thinks is his doting girlfriend (Bela Bose) confess to other girls, she is interested more in Dev Anand’s wealth and not in him.

As he lies sleepless on the bed , in comes an intruder, Sudesh Kumar, who is a rather reluctant thief, who despite being armed with a knife, cannot bring himself to use it on Dev as Dev discovers him enter his bedroom. Dev Anand having overpowered him, is treated to the sob story and the unusual request from the thief not to hand him over to the cops. Dev Anand agrees provided Sudesh doesn’t blow the whistle on him and helps build a false ID for him to allow Dev Anand to experience poverty. Sudesh obliges, Dev tags along and falls in love with the wannabe thief’s stunning sister (Mala Sinha). The fly in the ointment is provided by Jayant the head of a gang of motley thugs with varied talents, and who loves Mala Sinha himself. Jayant is shown sharing screen space with his son, Amjad Khan in a sequence. Amjad was just out of the teens when the movie was made.  With the expected twists and turns and fisticuffs with the thugs, the lovers do unite finally.

The movie’s music was Salilda’s. All lyrics were by Majrooh. The famous Lata Mangeshkar song has its roots in another Latadidi- Salilda creation, from Bangla.

The Bangla vocals have been superimposed on the Hindi song from Maya.

The composition has a very prominent flute in its intro, and the strings step in before Latadidi starts her divine singing. Easily one of the best songs she has given with Salilda. Such a hugely popular and well recognised song no matter which clip is played in Quiz Shows.

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By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Lovely share SIRJI with all its well researched details.. my very favourite song👌👌👌
I am sure now this will show up in your radio show😅👍👍👍👍

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