Fun and frolic

Kishore Kumar made this utterly lighthearted movie, Jhumroo with Madhubala, one of her very last movies in the lead. The story (if you can call it that) and the music direction was by Kishore Kumar himself. The storyline is as zany as it can get, but with an animated Kishore Kumar on the screen, singing, dancing and generally doing something utterly unexpected and unpredictable not to mention the divine Madhubala , you didn’t care much for this anyways.

The story notionally is about a rich girl falling in love with a tribal who is given to wearing what appears to be a lampshade for a hat, growing Chinese beards and wearing thick earrings (all from Kishoreda’s super fertile brain and imagination, of course, the genius thought out of the box all the time and acted upon it as well)

With Kishore Kumar enjoying total creative freedom, the musical score was its strongest suit. I remember seeing this in the MLT of our alma mater one Saturday Afternoon during the Mumbai Winter during our frequent Film Club shows and the boredom from spending the previous week in a stupid unit in what we called a Minor Term, was dissipated in a trice and the many wonderful songs received many an encore request, which given the fact we were dealing with a 16 mm projector and film reels, were promptly complied with. The ten/ eleven songs that dot the movie were all treated with encore requests, although not necessarily for the same song. Majrooh’s lyrics appear to be meaningful despite being clearly “made to order”

The absolute limit was reached when we heard Thandi Hawa Ye Chandni Suhani some six times, and two of those were after the movie had actually progressed along a couple of reels on. That meant that the flimsy and tenuous storyline was blasted to smithereens. Imagine someone starting a collective insane demand they wanted the song all over again like 45 minutes after it had appeared in the movie. In the MLT crowd, such requests just had to be complied with. No was clearly never a viable option.

The movies chosen for the shows were such that such disruptions just didn’t matter. It wasn’t the screening during say the competition section of Cannes or the Academy of Performing Arts, after all. It became one joyous celebration of songs strung along. Thankfully the MLT was pretty much sound proof and passersby would not get much of an inkling of the mayhem happening inside. Of course in the 70s there was no internet and no YouTube and no playlist, such a task would be something a three year old kid would easily accomplish these days with the penetration of devices amongst the human embryos and their admirable skills.

Have a great day ahead, folks, stay away from the Virus and stay focussed on beating the malicious intent. Take the jab

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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