Lost in the flow of time…

I heard this song after ages. Aruna was humming it out of the blue and asked me who the composer was. I told her it was Vilayat Khan. It is amazing that this song that was composed nearly a half century ago should be recalled after so long.

The movie Kadambari was made in the period of the emergency by H K Verma. It had Vijay Arora and Shabana Azmi in the lead. It was made as an art film. Shabana Azmi had graduated from FTII in the early 70s and started work with Khwaja Ahmed Abbas’s film Faasla and also signed up for KL Rathod’s Parinay. Her first movie to be released was however Benegal’s directorial debut, Ankur which had a married servant falling in love with a college student who is visiting the countryside. The movie (& role) had been turned down by several leading actresses of the day, Shabana took it on, and won her first of five National Awards For Best Actress. I wonder if the ladies who had passed up the role realized (& admitted ) their folly.

Kadambari  follows a woman of firm convictions who struggles to win the heart of her lover Amit (Vijay Arora) who is pretty much a mama’s boy, totally under the control of his mother.  She plans to do this by love. What happens when she comes to bear his child?? An interesting storyline that was totally wasted as the movie, released during the peak of the emergency, never got the audience it deserved. As a result the movie is only remembered for three facts. First and foremost, Ustad Vilayat Khan composed the music (his third project after doing Jalsaghar with Satyajit Ray and The Guru with Ismail Merchant & James Ivory). Second, the movie with just three songs , has Kavita Krishnamurthy’s debut song in Bollywood, Aayega aanewala (really only a cover version of Lata Mangeshkar’s immortal Mahal song that Shabana Azmi sings in a party ,(apart from a peppy song by Ajit Singh which appears totally out of sync with the movie) . The third is probably the only reason the movie is remembered today.

A wonderfully sublime creation of lasting value with great poetry by Amrita Pritam, a very melodious composition by Ustad Vilayat Khan and great singing by Asha Bhosle.

This is my only reason to remember the music by the Ustad. I wonder if he really was responsible for the pretty pedestrian composition that Ajit Singh sang or the cover version by Kavita Krishnamurthy. The quality of the two compositions is so very different, it is impossible to believe it is the same person who created both. (In all fairness I for one would never consider the cover version as an independent composition)

Have a great day ahead, folks. Stay healthy and happy. Stay safe. Take the jab..

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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