Thinking of you..

I will never be able to explain why this song popped up early today morning around 3.30 when I was woken up by a call from the hospital. There was nothing in that conversation that even remotely could have reminded me of any song, let alone this one… I haven’t heard a single Mehdi Hassan song in 24 hours and yet no sooner had I cut the hospital call and was drifting off into the land of Hypnos, the mukhda appeared and worked like a lullaby. Amazingly the song was with me when I woke up as usual. Hypnos’s mother Nyx had been kind to me. Only two calls, one of them a mistaken one thanks to my name in an alphabetical  sense. Isn’t it amazing how Greek mythology depicts Nyx, and Hypnos as parent and son.  I am particularly fascinated by Morpheus, Phobetor and Phantasus, three separate creators of the content of dreams. One sending human shapes of all kinds in dreams, the second one responsible for nonhuman animate objects and the latter for inanimate content. Amazing degree of specialization, I must say. And of course we are aware of Hypnos’s twin but never realize (& don’t want to, either) that we will surely catch up with him.

The song has been actually used in a movie made on the far side of the border in a failed state. A wonderful set of lyrics and a very melodious composition credited to Robin Ghosh (how did he come to compose for a Paapistani movie so soon after it’s division into two, I wonder). Mehdi Hassan sahab is wonderful as usual. The song isn’t quite a ghazal and as a paean to love, Eros wanders into Apollo’s territory here, and is actually met by Oizys, another of Nyx’s children.

The underpinning of pathos is truly unmistakable. Mehdi Hassan sahab’s voice is a divine gift and it is amazing and awe inspiring that he kept the purity and quality of his singing alive and thriving in an artificially created land that had nothing of its own by way of a musical tradition. Move over Robert the Bruce, we have a honest trier pretty much in our neighborhood who didn’t give up till success finally embraced him.

And much like the legendary Scots King who is buried in three places, the body in Dunfermline Abbey, the heart in Melrose Abbey and his embalmed viscera in St Serf’s Church in Dumbarton, the man’s heart is very much in India, his body notionally in Paapistan and his voice preserved for all eternity for his legions of faithful acolytes scattered across the celestial orb we call our home.

This is a wonderful composition in Kaafi and really pleasing to the ear while strumming the soul strings and satiating one’s senses. I can feel myself becoming calmer with every note, every word, every line of this eternal melody.

The song, used in a movie called Chaahat, was written by Khwaja Parvez .

The picturization is rather lackluster. For a song of this quality. The male lead looks most unlikely to evoke passion in the heart of any woman.

प्यार भरे दो शर्मीले नैन
जिनसे मिला मेरे दिल को चैन
कोई जाने ना, क्यूँ मुझसे शर्माए
कैसे मुझे तड़पाए

दिल ये कहे, गीत मैं तेरे गाऊँ
तू ही सुने, और मैं गाता जाऊँ
तू जो रहे, साथ मेरे
दुनिया को ठुकराऊँ
तेरा दिल बहलाऊँ
प्यार भरे दो शर्मीले…

रूप तेरा कलियों को शर्माये
कैसे कोई अपने दिल को बचाये
पास है तू, फिर भी जानम
कौन तुझे समझाये
सावन बीता जाये
प्यार भरे दो शर्मीले…

डर है मुझे, तुझसे बिछड़ ना जाऊँ
खो के तुझे, मिलने की राह ना पाऊँ
ऐसा न हो, जब भी तेरा
नाम लबों पर लाऊँ
मैं आँसू बन जाऊँ
जिनसे मिला मेरे दिल को…

A wonderful song one just cannot stop having more of..

Stay safe, folks, the weekend is just around the corner and I live for two days of Oxygen therapy.. stay away from the Chinese evil in all its manifestations.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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What a melody!!! Great share SIRJI.. I am not much of a non filmi listener so with apologies I am hearing for the first time🙏🏽
What a captivating voice and lyrics!!
Master genius Mehdi Hassan🙏🏽

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