Geniuses together make magic

Whenever Kishoreda and Pancham got to work together, they would invariably create magic. The two understood each other well and made some songs together that are truly eternal. Sadly both of them died way too young as did the male lead in this song. All of coronary heart disease, which surely could have been prevented and treated before the catastrophic outcome.

Take this melodious duet from Ghar, a wonderful movie made sensitively with Vinod Mehra and Rekha, both in one the best roles of their respective careers . The movie made superbly by Manik Chatterjee was very well received by audiences and critics alike. The movie was about the brutal assault on a newly married couple and the trauma that their newly created relationship goes through. If you have not seen the movie, please go ahead and see it posthaste on YouTube

Sadly, Vinod Mehra didn’t quite get the mileage out of it’s success to further his career. This is surely one of the best duets between Kishoreda and Latadidi. Pancham and Gulzar were made for each other. Pancham was said to be capable of setting any verse to tune. And Gulzar loved to write free verse without any norms of metre or rhyme, unequal lengths of lines, really something that doesn’t look ideal to set to tune.

Surprisingly for Gulzar, he actually wrote lyrics that were not so challenging for the innovative Pancham and didn’t really test his creativity, as say the lyrics from Ijaazat did.

A wonderful song from the happier times in the movie that deals with the shattering of dreams and the efforts the two make to rebuild the relationship.

Watch the song, whet your appetite and go ahead and see the movie as well.

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Sunday. Stay safe and away from the newer iterations of the Wuhan Virus. Stay healthy and take the jab.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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