Love , unrequited….

The tenacity and resilience of the human spirit is truly amazing.

An old photograph in an album, a painting in an art gallery, an old song you’re hearing on the radio/TV/MP3 player, a piece of paper crumpled in your drawer, a memory of an old vista, a bit of cloth, anything and everything you love or evokes old, precious memories has the power to break your heart all over again and refresh old memories. Since you can’t escape from the pain, the human spirit turns it into art.
It’s amazing how strong, resilient and durable our hearts really are.

They break a million times and yet restart loving once again in the hope of finding that one true, long lasting sweet fleeting experience that we call love . We hide the pain in our smiles, in our words and learn to live with (& despite) it every single moment, every single day. Unrequited love is the more common form and also leaves us to suffer the most painful memories. A recurring theme in Bollywood films and film music. In fact much of poetry is born from love before or after the pain of parting.

Films do a brilliant job when it comes to dealing with this situation.

Bollywood has given us many stories and a million songs on pain. Some heal, some make it difficult and some give us the much-needed closure. Making art out of the broken bits of shattered hearts. This heart to art transition is usually transient in Bollywood, but sometimes does last longer.

I am reminded of this immortal Rafisaab requiem to unrequited love from an award winning movie that shattered many a record along the way. One of the legendary Bimal Roy’s greatest commercial successes and the only Filmfare Award for music won by the legendary genius, Salil Chowdhury. Shailendra excels in his word craft. He was top drawer but an unfortunate sense of loyalty (unrequited love of sorts) from his side, in the thinking that Raj Kapoor and Shankar Jaikishan would ensure he got a lion’s share of their projects, coupled with the much delayed dream project of his, Teesri Kasam, (to me one of the best acting duels between Raj Kapoor and Wahida Rehman ever seen, both act their heart out), led to an unfortunate early demise and the discerning poetry loving filmgoers were denied more from his sublime pen. The good die young, as they say.

Dilip Kumar’s emoting is overshadowed by miles by Rafisaab’s amazing vocal expressions. I have fallen in love, in awe, worshipped his unique voice and grieved a thousand times for the man’s tragic transition. No one quite like him, although in the T Series cover albums, I must say Sonu Nigam comes very very close, better than the Anwars and the Mohammad Aziz’s ever could.

This is imperishable gold.. lasted 7 decades and will for at least twice as much. Forever a cherished, precious memory for all times.

टूटे हुए ख़्वाबों ने, हमको ये सिखाया है
दिल ने, दिल ने जिसे पाया था, आँखों ने गंवाया है,
टूटे हुए ख़्वाबों ने

हम ढूँढते हैं उनको, जो मिलके नहीं मिलते
रुठे हैं न जाने क्यूँ, मेहमान मेरे दिल के,
मेहमान मेरे दिल के...
क्या अपनी तमन्ना थी, क्या सामने आया है
दिल ने, दिल ने ...
टूटे हुए ...

लौट आई सदा मेरी, टकरा के सितारों से
उजड़ी हुई दुनिया के, सुनसान किनारों से,
सुनसान किनारों से...
पर अब ये तड़पना भी, कुछ काम न आया है
दिल ने, दिल ने ...
टूटे हुए ...

Stay safe folks. The song will reverb in my thick skull for a long time today. Stay away from the Chinese

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Great choice 👌👌👌👍👍
Come to think of it🤭Rafi saab has not sung that frequently with Bimal da!!!
Yess Rafi saab has sung it with all gusto and emotion 👌👌👌

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