Musical memory

Woke up today with this song playing in my head. I love Mukesh’s deceptively simple singing. Shorn of embellishments, it is straight from the heart and he touches my being, nay soul with the depth of emotions he brings into his voice. It appears so straightforward, every wannabe singer who scores in the 40s on Karaoke thinks he can do a Mukesh number with felicity, a misconception when he attempts to recreate one and finds the audience squirming in their seats.

Rani Rupmati is the movie for which the song was created. S N Tripathi who directed the movie and also composed the music, a rare combination. He also acted in a number of movies (with multiple appearances in mythological/religious movies as Hanuman).

The lyrics were by Pandit Bharat Vyas, and the movie had Bharat Bhushan and Nirupa Roy as the lead pair. The lady my generation grew up seeing as the sorrowing mother (frequently blinded by the directors) in movies actually was a pretty young heroine. It may interest you to know, she actually was cast as a superhero in a movie titled somewhat disingenuously as “Superman”. Imagine seeing a buxom young woman in an action movie that has a gender indicated by the name. Only Bollywood can hope to get away with such bloopers.

Rani Rupmati is based around the story of Rani Rupmati and Baaz Bahadur . Centred around Mandavgad or Mandu in Madhya Pradesh.

S N Tripathi was a wonderful composer and gave us many a brilliant composition. This one is created in a wonderful afternoon raag, Madhumad Sarang.

The raag Madhumad Sarang is an audav-audav raag in that both aaroha and avaroha have only 5 swaras. Gandhar and Dhaivat are varjya. Nishad is komal. The rest are all shuddha.

This Raag is called Madhmad Sarang, Madhumad Sarang, or Madhyamadi Sarang. This Raag has all the characteristics of Raag Sarang (Brindavani Sarang) except it has only Komal Nishad. In this Raag Pancham-Rishabh sangati in Poorvang and Nishad-Pancham sangati in Uttarang is Raag Vachak or illustrative of Raag.

The Swar set of this Raag is similar to Raag Megh Malhar,  But in Raag MeghMalhar, the Malhar Ang is shown prominently and in Raag Madhumaad Sarang, Sarang Ang is prominent.

This Raag can be expanded in Madhya and Tar Saptaks. This Raag is extremely melodious, neither deep nor playful. Of all the renditions of this raag, I like this one the best.

Who can caress my soul better than Guruji? Pandit Jasrajji has undoubtedly given my soul more nourishment than any other. He has made me a better human being with his swarsadhana. In the truest sense (& not in the least because he starts his vocal offerings to the divine with a Sanskrit Shlok) he elevated music to a form of worshipping the divine.

Stay safe, folks, stay happy and healthy. Stay away from the Chinese. Stop buying anything from the rogue nation of evil.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Mukesh Lata at their best… this is one those iconic songs whose lyrics you learn almost automatically 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌
Such magic is extinct now😅👍
You can’t even remember a Mukhada leave apart all stanzas😅👍
I am afraid I couldn’t see connection of the movie Hindi superman with the song??
Did I miss something?

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