Symbolic (un)happiness

I am fascinated by Kishoreda’s life and his ability to convey so many emotions. A man who was always seen in the movies as an outrageously funny leading man who was able to successfully combine and fuse roles of a comic character and a leading man, so much so that most of us will remember him as a unique actor who could be relied upon to deliver a liberal dash of slapstick anytime. As happens with all antidepressants and mood elevators, he was pretty much habit forming. Anyone who has seen a couple of his laugh riots ( Chalti ka naam, Jhumroo, Half Ticket..) knew what to expect from the man. Always the unexpected.

But his frothy persona had a very dark side to it. Plenty of pain from a variety of sources. Some of it self inflicted, much not so.. Most of the movies he made are serious, sombre and force the audience to look deep within, introspect long and hard and quite unlike his better known image that we think of him as being, a very well maintained façade that hid the darkness underneath.

To me few of his songs picturized on a variety of actors allow the mask to peel off and reveal the agony of the man. Despite his many hugely celebrated joyous ballads, these are the songs that epitomized the real man behind the sculpted and maintained public perception.

This one, filmed on Dev Anand from Funtoosh is one such.

A made in heaven match of Sachin dev Burmanda, Sahir and Kishoreda meant that emotions would overflowing aplenty. A movie that Navketan made with Chetan Anand as director, it had Dev Anand and Sheila Ramani in the lead with K N Singh as the then ubiquitous villain. It also is the movie which has the first widely accepted composition by Pancham, then a teenager, “Ae meri topi palate ke aa” Dev Anand is a guy who loses his marbles (when someone tells him Pappu is a serious prime ministerial candidate and Immy the Dummy is a very good leader) after the death of his mother and sister and when he released upon an unsuspecting humanity, he meets a Sardar Kirorilal who insures him for a huge amount and then wishes he were dead, creating the grounds for a quick exit. However Dev Anand stymies him by having his daughter flip and reciprocating the love. This is a wonderful lamentation, plenty of emotion in this one, with Burmanda at the peak of his creative best. Such a sweet soulful introspective song, for which Kishoreda pulls out his special voice with its bittersweet, slightly nasal, voice that brings forth the tears like no other vocal avatar of his. Burmanda was very fond of Kishoreda , who he virtually thought of as an older son. He did his utmost to set up Kishoreda’s singing career and the love was reciprocated as well. Kishoreda used all his instrumentalists when he started composing independently.

Everything (nearly everything) that Devsaab touched at the time turned to Gold. This movie with a slightly different theme was a hit at the box office. No better song to symbolize Kishoreda than this .

दुखी मन मेरे, सुन मेरा कहना
जहाँ नहीं चैना, वहाँ नहीं रहना
दुखी मन मेरे…

दर्द हमारा कोई न जाने
अपनी गरज के सब हैं दीवाने
किसके आगे रोना रोएं
देस पराया, लोग बेगाने
दुखी मन मेरे…

लाख यहाँ झोली फैला ले
कुछ नहीं देंगे इस जग वाले
पत्थर के दिल मोम न होंगे
चाहे जितना नीर बहाले
दुखी मन मेरे…

अपने लिये कब हैं ये मेले
हम हैं हर इक मेले में अकेले
क्या पाएगा उसमें रहकर
जो दुनिया जीवन से खेले
दुखी मन मेरे…

Stay safe, folks. May Dhanvantari guide us physicians to help heal humanity and apply succour when we can’t help heal. Stay healthy and happy. Stay away from harm. The motherland of viruses is all set to implode. Be prepared.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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🙏 धन्यवाद डाँक्टरसाहेब..किशोरदांना जाऊन जवळपास चौतीस वर्षे पूर्ण झाली.पण किशोर नावाची दंतकथा संगितप्रेमींच्या मनावर दाटलेली आहे.अवलीया ..आजही कधी नैराश्याचे मळभ मनावर साचलं की आपोआपच शब्द उमटतात..कोई लौटा दे मेरे बीते हुये दिन…त्यांच्या प्रत्येक कलाकृतीत अर्थपूर्ण आशय असायचा…असंच आठवले. बेकरार दिल अरे तू गाये जा….नाँस्टँलजिक…गतस्मृतींना उजाळा मिळाला.. धन्यवाद…

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