Plagiarism, I would say ….

Bollywood has accused Lollywood of plagiarism all the time and with some justification, too. Most of all the big filmmakers migrated west post ’47, although the industry did exist in Lahore before the partition. After all, Lahore, is named after Lav, the son of Prabhu Shriram and has antedated the religion of the Paapis by thousands of years. It was also the capital city of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the great Sikh Emperor whose Peacock Throne famously had the Koh-I-Noor, stolen by the Brits (as with most of their riches from around the world). Lollywood has “borrowed” rather freely from the Indian storylines over the last 75 years.

But sometimes the converse also does happen. This morning I was sent the song, with the 2 Hindi Film versions by my learned friend from Philadelphia, Nick Manekshaw. The amazing song was sung in a film made in 1974 called (somewhat cynically) Imandar. The original singer was Tasawwur Khanum. She also sang the same words in a ghazal form as well.

अगर तुम मिल जाओ ज़माना छोड़ देंगे हम…
तुम्हें पाकर ज़माने भर से रिश्ता तोड़ देंगे हम
तुम्हें दिल में रखेंगे अपनी पलकों में छुपा लेंगें,
तुम खुशबू समझ के अपनी सांसों में बसा लेंगे,
कयामत तक जो ना टूटे वो रिश्ता जोड़ देंगे हम ….

बदन के साये जान-ए-मन तुम्हारे रंग में रंग डाले,
जुदा क्या कर सकेंगे तुमको मुझसे ये जहाँवाले,
मोहब्बत की कसम तक़दीर का रुख मोड़ देंगे हम…

ना तो तुम जिसमे शामिल वो बहारें हम नहीं लेंगे,
तुम्हारी नाम पे ये दिल तो क्या है जान भी देंगे,
नज़र जिसमें न तुम आये वो शीशा तोड़ देंगे हम…..

This is the original singer presenting in the movie song format..

The production is quite tacky and the antics straight out of countless Bollywood movies..

The extended version in a live program comes across with the core intact.

Amazingly the song was lifted nearly word for word, and presented in Zeher a film with the serial kisser (apparently a nephew of Le Bhatt) and the music is credited to the serial copycat Anu Malik (who must by now copying his own so called “original creations”) & Roop Kumar Rathod, with the lyrics amazingly credited to a certain Mr Sayeed Quadri who is now just past 60. When the original Paapi movie was made, he must have just been on the threshold of entering the teens. Amazing brazenness Anu and his gang show. All that they’ve done is reordered the lyrics. No qualms or scruples whatsoever… Check this out. The Bollywood version is presented as a duet with Shreya Ghoshal and Udit Narayan. The musical instruments are more varied and the composition sounds richer. But that’s about it. Check that out, too

Have a wonderful day and week ahead, folks. Stay safe and happy.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

6 replies on “Plagiarism, I would say ….”

The lyrics of the song are beautiful….Was not aware of the original source of song till I read this article….The song from the latest movie sounds more good and richer and melodious as compared to the other versions…..
Thanks for the share and information..

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