Eternally dissatisfied and happy about it, too….

I saw the movie in the 60s. I think in Secunderabad/Bhagyanagar. Dad had got posted to Hakimpet after the 62 war and weekends used to be the time we would venture out into the twin cities for a brief taste of civvie street.

The movie remains memorable as it has an unforgettable double role of the epitome of flamboyance, Dev Anand, the two beauties Nanda and Sadhana as his consorts in the two avatars and the most divine musical score by one of the most gifted composers in the history of Bollywood whose lifestory typifies and underlines the fact that Merit amounts to NOTHING in Bollywood. A man with the most amazing talents got so few projects (when he deserved ten times more), Jaidev Verma had much more talent than all the other music factories combined. He NEVER copied (or got “creatively inspired”) from any other tune.

And yet he died in penury, in neglect. The only major cash award he ever won in his life lay unclaimed as the Cheque was with him when he passed away. The money would have come in handy for sure. This is a wonderful song from Hum Dono.

It is based on Yaman, a wonderful raag to be played in the early hours of the evening , before retiring to bed. Something that will definitely soothe and calm the frayed nerves. It is a very melodious Sampoorna Raag, in that it has seven notes in the aaroha as well as avaroha. It lends itself to both vocal and instrumental rendition and is one of the first to be taught to the newly initiated students of classical music. It instils the listener with an immediate sense of ethereal calm. It is used as a base for many a composition in Bollywood music.

The lyrics are beautiful and convey the lack of satiation all romantics will always feel. No such relationship can ever end if there is always a desire in both for more of the same. Amazing Rafisaab (no one better than he to convey the breathless urgency and feeling of heady desire, pleading and seducing all at the same time), a treat for senses for all times. Surprisingly Jaidev chose Asha Bhosle for this song and she shows what she is capable of. She brings in an extra edge of sensuousness and passion. It has a female twin version as well as the duet with just a slight difference in lyrics by the great Sahir Ludhiyanvi. A very creatively use of the glockenspiel makes the song unique.

The female version is a tad slowed down in tempo and uses more of the santoor and sitar.

Pure magic by Jaidevsahab that will enchant and engage me all day today.

Stay safe, stay happy and healthy, folks. Stay blessed away from the Chinese evil. I look forward to my usual weekend routine that will undoubtedly extend my life by a month or two.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

14 replies on “Eternally dissatisfied and happy about it, too….”

Beautiful song👌👌
Talent only can never get success….very sadly true..
Those who are less talented but clever enough to market themselves well get all the work…..
जगाची रीत न्यारी….. दिखाव्याला आणि वरवरच्या सुंदरतेला सगळं जग भुलत…..आणि खरा चांगला आणि गुणी माणूस यशाला मुकतो…..नेहमीच…..

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Beautiful music by Jaydevji really one of the most talented music directors. I remember the music composed by him for the light & sound show in Shalimar Gardens Shrinagar. One could have the feel of a rivulet flowing by your side. SIMPLY EXCELLENT.

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