Signature song

I got introduced to the maestro at my older uncle’s place. He was playing the singer’s ghazals in the background on his spool tape recorder in the background and we kids were having a fun time in the early 70s. We didn’t pay much attention to the music as a result. The first song that really registered with me was his ghazal that was used in the opening sequence of the hilarious movie, Chashme Buddoor, “Ye dhuan kahan se uthata hai….”. I explored his body of work at the time and with the limited resources available at the time. I discovered this, his signature song out of the thousands he has sung. The maestro’s speciality would be that he would never stick to a script and would extemporize and innovate all the time. No two renditions of his sound the same, or are necessarily equal in length either. Since he did so many live concerts, and this is one of his most requested ghazals, you would find scores if not hundreds of versions of this song on the net.

Typically he would always be in an even more expansive mood in concerts, once the shackles of time were removed.

Ahmad Faraz’s ghazal, sung by the one and only Mehdi Hassan Sahab. This is a wonderful rendition where the poet narrates it and Khan sahab sings.

Listen to this concert version. A single ghazal over 20 minutes of auditory bliss. Ranjish hee sahi…..

And this, even more expanded version. 30 minutes of one ghazal!! Gets into the realm of khayal gayaki, doesn’t it? I mean half an hour of one ghazal!!! But his singing is so good, you won’t find the going odious at all. I loved the ghazal every single time I heard it.

रंजिश ही सही दिल ही दुखाने के लिए आ
आ फिर से मुझे छोड़ के जाने के लिये आ

अब तक दिल-ए-खुशफ़हम को हैं तुझ से उम्मीदें
ये आखिरी शम्में भी बुझाने के लिये आ
रंजिश ही सही…

इक उम्र से हूँ लज्ज़त-ए-गिरया से भी महरूम
ऐ राहत-ए-जां मुझको रुलाने के लिये आ
रंजिश ही सही…

कुछ तो मेरे पिन्दार-ए-मोहब्बत का भरम रख
तू भी तो कभी मुझ को मनाने के लिये आ
रंजिश ही सही…

माना के मोहब्बत का छुपाना है मोहब्बत
चुपके से किसी रोज़ जताने के लिए आ
रंजिश ही सही…

जैसे तुम्हें आते हैं ना आने के बहाने
ऐसे ही किसी रोज़ न जाने के लिए आ
रंजिश ही सही…

पहले से मरासिम ना सही फिर भी कभी तो
रस्म-ओ-रहे दुनिया ही निभाने के लिये आ
रंजिश ही सही…

किस किस को बताएँगे जुदाई का सबब हम
तू मुझ से खफा है तो ज़माने के लिये आ
रंजिश ही सही….

Little wonder this immortal creation in Yaman Kalyan is one of my most favourite ones. The taal, Dadra, is used very frequently in ghazals, too.

Stay safe, folks, stay healthy and happy. Stay away from the vile Chinese bioterror and the latest South African variant. See you at 1120 am today

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

2 replies on “Signature song”

वाह!! क्या बात है👌👌
Heard this gazal many times in my childhood…. तेंव्हा ती समजली नव्हती ऐकताना…..पण आता ती खरी समजली….
Beautifully written and sung👌👌
truly a signature song👍👍

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