Insanity, utter insanity

I heard this song on an internet radio station today morning. I love everything about the song. For starters it is one of the very first movies I saw in our college MLT on a Saturday afternoon movie show. The title of the movie is totally meaningless. Eponymously named after the madcap hero, the lead pair is a couple of all time favourites from Bollywood, Kishoreda and his second wife, Madhubala. Jhumroo was notionally directed by Shankar Mukherjee but I’m convinced he didn’t have much freedom doing so.

Kishoreda composed the music and used his mentor Burmanda’s musicians for the recording. Madhubala is the rich, big city educated sophisticate who surprisingly falls head over heels for the lovable lunatic portrayed by Kishoreda in Jhumroo. He wears a lampshade for headgear in one sequence and indulges in pretty much over the top antics all through the movie. Jumping down or rather hopping down the slope of a hill is just one of the things he does in this very realistic movie. As close to reality as believing The Besht CM should advise the WHO on medical issues and that a drug frazzled contents of a famous skull will compete for academic sweepstakes with a peahen incubated out of a cracked egg.

That having been said, it is a movie that’s infectiously hilarious. The only members of the audience who don’t smirk, guffaw, chortle, or double up at the insanity are those who have overdosed on antipsychotic medication or the security guards who stand behind Pappu making one of his many original speeches that help guide humanity on uniformly few minutes of guaranteed tax free entertainment. Imagine having to stand by listening to utter tripe and not being allowed the basic human right of letting the face crease into the semblance of a smirk. Their carefully studied emotionless countenances would do a Parkinsonian patient’s mask like face proud.

So the parental opposition to the union of water and oil is resolved by a common device often employed in Bollywood, that of showing that the father who is so firmly opposed to a marriage as being blissfully unaware of the birds and the bees and of the facts of the birth. The mixed up parentage tangle having been finally unraveled, the lovebirds get universal assent for the nuptials, and the movie ends happily…

The movie has a fabulous musical score with awesome songs flying thick and fast. Before you have recovered from the mesmerizing effects of the previous one, another one comes along. Madhubala and Kishoreda are always great together. Their sense of comic timing is just enviable and rib tickling. Always better to see the lady in naughty roles than tragic ones.

Stay safe, folks, stay healthy and happy. Enjoy your weekend.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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