A truly unforgettable debut

I heard this song yesterday in the 7 am music show on the AIR. The one song set off so many thoughts in my mind, it was like opening a door of a cupboard full of memorabilia. The movie was a remake of a superhit Tamizh movie, Vaazhkai ( “Life”). The movie produced and directed by AV Meiyappan through his AVM Films production house . This marked the screen debut of a 13 year old teenager who would go on to become, arguably the most famous actress to emerge out of Tamizh movies and cross over into Bollywood. She acted very well at such a young age, everyone was forced to realize she would be a huge star. And did she prove them right. A V Meiyappan went on to make his movie in Hindi a couple of years later as Bahar, and the movie also served as a Hindi film debut for the debutante teenaged prodigy. Vyjayanthimala, was the leading lady in both the versions. The Hindi avataar of the movie also marked the Bollywood debut of Pandari Bai , a Bhatkal born actress who acted in over a thousand movies made in Kannada, Telugu, Tamizh and Hindi. I cannot imagine there would be too many actors on earth who have acted in a 1000 films. Vaazhkai was of course the movie which had a plagiarized version of Chhup chhup khade ho zaroor koi baat hai as Enni enni parkka mannam.

The Hindi movie had Vyjayanthimala as the heroine against an established star of Bollywood, Karan Dewan (who reminds me of Chandrakant Mandhare from Marathi movies). Despite the girl looking unfit to be his romantic interest, the movie with Pran and the rest of the cast consisting of the usual suspects of the time, had music by Sachin Dev Burman and was a massive hit, raking in more than ₹1.25 crores, an unusually huge amount of money at the time, when no other revenue streams were available for movies than ticket sales in theaters and each would fetch a few annas at the time. This is a wonderful pair of songs, with Kishore Kumar so early in his singing career (& just creating his own niche), in full throat. The lyrics are apt for the situation. Hilarious situation, really.

The movie has a rather (for my generation) predictable plot. The same song also has a female version, filmed on the same duo, Vyjayanthimala and Karan Dewan, but in reverse. Amazingly the female singing the song sounds a bit different from her usual self. Shamshad Begum bereft of her usual accompanying instruments and typical rhythm sounds so different. Unsurprisingly so.

Little surprise that the talented slip of a girl with the well oiled two long platts of hair and great dancing skills went to become a megastar in Bollywood.

She went on to marry the physician who treated her during a bout of pneumonia, Dr Bali. A similar thing happened in Anand as well with Babumoshai falling for Sumita Sanyal who he has treated for the same condition. Unbelievable reason, really, come to think of it, I’ve treated scores of young ladies for pneumonia (and a host of even more threatening maladies) but never had this happen to me. C’est la vie…..

Stay safe, folks and stay healthy and happy. Stay away from Omicron (which should’ve been actually called Xi) & do stay away from Xi’s country and all their products

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

4 replies on “A truly unforgettable debut”

All the songs are beautiful and soooo sweet😀😀😊😊👌👌….
Vyjayanthimala is looking beautiful , sweet and innocent in all the songs👌👌
The male lead from the songs could have been someone else….
In all a great share and write up👍👍
All these lovely songs made my day and tickled some of my beautiful memories from past….

Thanks for this wonderful share Aniruddha Sir….🙏

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Beautiful share… my very favourite actress in so many ways….!👍 I saw the movie during Lock down!! And was surprised V mala is just the same 👍👍

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