Charming days of innocence….

Aruna and I were discussing just yesterday about the sea change in ways of expressing love for one other over the years and this song played out on the early morning retro music show on the radio. It really brought back a charm of its own, so uncommon these days where an in-your-face method is the preferred method for showing any emotion, positive or negative one. No innuendo , metaphor nor symbolism anymore, we are totally into full frontal show of whatever our feelings be.

The poster for the movie is absolutely horrifying. More like a caricature than a portraiture, which posters those days were meant to be. The entire tribe of poster artistes have now been banished to oblivion, undoubtedly due to such grossly distorted depictions of the countenances of the leading actors. The only way in which one can tell one of the three images shown is meant to be male, is by the facial hair. I am not surprised that some of these unmentionable characters became self styled artists and painters whose paintings showed four legged animals which were impossible to identify. One particularly distasteful old fogey’s depiction of a horse’s face and an asinine posterior were identical to the face of an Italian import and the nouveau riche class that took pride in being intelligent (the view not shared by anyone outside the P3 crowd) bought the excrescences for obscene amounts of ill-earned moolah. Anyone who can identify the 3 characters allegedly depicted on this actual poster deserves an immediate appointment as a Deputy Commissioner of Police and be made to hunt for missing persons/criminals. Also interesting to note that the poster gives top billing to Rehana, the leading lady, and not to the blue eyed boy (pun intended) of the Kapoor Khandan. Very interesting to note Mumtaz Ali get top billing too.

Look at this song, which is treacly sweet and so enchanting even 70 years after its creation.

The movie was made by Filmistan with P L Santoshi directing and providing the lyrics as well. C Ramachandra provided the amazing score as well as singing this dulcet, unforgettable duet that is so very charming in its simplicity and melodiousness. The movie also has an amazing duet by Saraswati Rane (Hirabai Barodekar’s sister who also sang in multiple language movies and sang many a jugalbandis with her sister) & the then junior upcoming singer, Lata Mangeshkar.

The throwback to the days has me humming on an old favourite Simon and Garfunkel song.

Have fun, folks, stay healthy and happy. Stay safe and have a wonderful weekend

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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