बस यूँही…….

The beauty of a city blanketed by heavy snowfall …
Isn’t it amazing that it actually is warmer when it is snowing than when the clouds disperse….
Cold Wintry nights spin tales of human wonder and amazement at the fairytale landscape. One tiptoes through the soft layers underneath half expecting to meet a Cinderella around the corner…
#Winter, #Snowfall, #Shimla, #Beauty_in_Gold

Picture courtesy Shri Anoop Sood

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

14 replies on “बस यूँही…….”

बैठे रहो यूं आगोशमे ये बर्फीली रातों में,
ठिठुरती हुई शर्दी में या चमकती चांदनी में,
हमारी शीतलता भी तूं और जीने की ऊष्मा भी तूं….

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वाह!! क्या बात है👌👌
The houses in the photograph seem to be wearing three – four layers of white woolens as a shield from cold…. पांढऱ्या लोकरीच्या कपड्यात गुंडाळलेली गुबगुबीत गोंडस घरं…..😊😊
And yes…. And the one’s who are lucky will meet a Cinderella round the corner 😊😊

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