From the great beyond….

It is amazing how even as we half expect something to happen, we dread it’s actually having occurred and emotions surge forth uncontrollably regardless. Such a thing happened yesterday across our great country. A national icon was lost forever.

Lata Mangeshkar was an epitome of a life devoted to music, of rising from trying times of great suffering, of achieving dizzying heights from dreadful depths of misery, of staying steadfast to one’s pursuit of excellence, which she did achieve very early on in her life. Her journey will always remain an eternal inspiration to everyone who is facing adversity in life.

A song from a movie of the 60s popped up in my mind as I slept fitfully through the night. I must have worked long for today’s fortnightly program and maybe I was already missing the bundle of uncontrollable energy, Gold who went to his forever family, but just as I was drifting back into the arms of Hypnos, I woke up with this song playing in a continuous loop. The movie is Mamta, which had this fabulous acting duel between Ashok Kumar and Suchitra Sen.

The director Asit Sen remade a Bengali film Uttar Falguni, (that he himself had directed), this movie as the name suggests revolves around the eternal values of motherly love and motherhood. Suchitra Sen has double roles (mother and child) exactly as she did in Uttar Falguni. The Bangla movie predated the Hindi version by 3 years, was produced by Uttam Kumar (the legendary Bangla actor who enjoyed a very productive and prolific partnership with Suchitra Sen) but had Bikash Gupta in the male lead. The movie did very well at the Indian Box Office but had for an inexplicable reason, an even greater unprecedented commercial success in the Soviet Union. The movie was particularly well-received because of the music, Roshan has created eternal magic with signature melodies . This song has two versions: a longer solo version that all of us know, sung by Latadidi and a shorter duet , sung by Rafisaab with the equally amazing Suman Kalyanpur. Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote the wonderful lyrics.

Could just be the kind of song that captures the feelings of a billion Indians after the dreaded news arrived yesterday morning.

Stay safe, folks, stay happy and healthy . Stay away from the Chinese virus that Lataji succumbed to..

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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आज सुर भी रो गए, उनकी रानी जो खो गई….
इतने सारी धुन छोड़ यादों में जो बस गई….
बता कौनसी गुनगुनाए ये आंखे अब भर गई….

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