A theme for a quiz

Many songs in Bollywood are ectopic.

The songs are so much better than the movie they are in. The song for today is a typical melody, so very easily identifiably to be from an Asha Bhosle-O P Nayyar-S H Bihari team collaboration, and one that every fan of Hindi Film Music has heard so many scores of times. But if I ask anything more about the song or film, surely everyone would be stumped. The storyline is too corny for words. When his wife dies in childbirth, a rich man blames his daughter Neeta for her death and leaves her to be raised by the servants of the house, but when he unexpectedly passes away, Neeta (Rajashree) finds his will, stating that she must marry within three months or lose her entire inheritance (time tested theme, remember Mr & Mrs 55?), so she hastily marries (a rather oxymoronically named) Amar, (Dharmendra) a convict on death row in the most outlandish marriage of convenience. The basic thought process is the guy will be hung on the gallows and the lady will be free of the encumbrance, while retaining her millions. To throw a spanner in the works, a kind judge pardons him of the crime and sets him free, to latch on to the extremely reluctant bride. More twists and turns follow before order is restored. Mohabbat Zindagi Hai was produced by K. C Gulati for Roop Chaya films, and directed by Jagdish Nirula. I wish they had gone in for a storyline that was more plausible.

Nevertheless, the (not-so) credible plot notwithstanding, the movie has sublime music by Omkar Prasad Nayyar. His trusted partners in crime, Asha Bhosle and lyricist Shamsul Huda Bihari deliver a pippin for a lemon of a movie.

As typical an OPN creation as you will ever get, with typical strings, santoor pieces and signature melody. The song has been picturised on a poor Chand Usmani whose writhing on a khatiya made out of jute ropes is juxtaposed with the rich Rajashree suffering in her palatial home. Just in case you missed out on the barkha word, you’ll find artificial rain outside the window.

Asha Bhosle‘s full throated emoting is just superb. One can’t use the word for the movie, though. One project in hind sight OPN should have perhaps opted out of.

Stay safe, folks, and stay away from the Chinese virus. Stay happy and healthy as the weekend draws near


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