An unmistakable signature….

When in Seth G S Medical College, my dear friend Quresh Maskati who was then the Wallpaper & Magazine Secretary, (Literature Secretary), ran a contest on the Saturday of the first week after we joined. The Wallpaper was located in the corridor next to the Ladies Common Room and (the then) Postgraduate Library (which was off limits for us at the time). Quresh Maskati really pepped up the WPM department and his tenure led to his being elected the General Secretary of the College the very next year. The contest consisted of a 25 question quiz which had to be answered on a cyclostyled sheet and handed back. I thought it was a fun thing to do and duly handed in my response sheet. The same evening was a welcome party for us novitiates , a proud tradition of our college where the batch immediately senior to the fresh inductees (who is in the Ist MBBS 3rd term) calls the juniors (Grand Juniors” in GS lingo) for an evening of fun and music. The immediate senior batch as well as the officebearers are invited as are some of the teaching staff. During my years in GS, this always happened in the premises of the CPS located very close. I reached the CPS hall blissfully unaware of what I had done as a fun thing would set off a chain of events that would snowball out of control and actually pay for my education. I reached the CPS hall. Lots of us didn’t know our own batchmates. I was greeted 5 minutes after I had reached there with K Dandapani, my Goregaon local mate who had been in the same college in the premedical years, and an announcement was made for me to go up to the emcee. I couldn’t figure out why. I saw QBM standing there with his warm smile. He greeted me and my puzzled, curious look was visible to all. He shook hands and slapped me on my back and announced on the mike that for the first time in GS history, a Grand Junior had won the WPM quiz. The prize was given there. That wasn’t really such a huge thing, I thought but it made me known to everyone as Quresh had taken my ICard pic from the office and pinned it with the answer sheet on the Wallpaper. I was immediately drafted into the College Quiz team which then consisted of Quresh and his batchmates, Prakash Nadkarni and Rajesh Parikh. We hit it off so well that the prize money and frequent TV appearance fees actually paid for my college education.

One of the recurring sets of questions in Quiz Contests was the Music Round. Prakash was excellent in Western Classical and Pop / Rock/Jazz and I at Bollywood and Hindustani Classical Music. This was an area where we always scored heavily outscored our competition. This kind of song was typically played and a question (or set of questions) posed related to it.

Such an easily identifiable tune. It has Kalyanji Anandji stamped all over it. The song is the title track with lyrics by Anand Bakshi from Mere Humsafar, a movie with Sharmila Tagore and Jumping Jack Flash Jitendra who at the time, not having been polished by the great Gulzar, was pretty much of the nonacting male lead class, a unique genre in the 60s and 70s of men who would take umbrage on being asked to emote. A very proud class, they were unyielding and never gave in to their director’s wishes/requests. His “acting” at the time consisted of jumping around in impossibly tight pants you would be scared to move around with the everpresent risk of the trousers splitting down the middle like the San Andreas fault if you were to bend more than 15 degrees off the vertical.

Gulzar clearly saw something no one had dreamt of in their wildest dreams and dug out the actor in the ape who jumped and Bollywood (& the fans) would be forever grateful for this.

Have fun, folks, stay safe and happy. The warm spring approaches us by the day. Stay healthy.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

13 replies on “An unmistakable signature….”

Always love to read your blog full of wonderful memories of the Golden days….
Last but not the least, about Jitendra😅😆absolutely agree, no doubt about it…

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My favourite song and what a lyrics….

मेरा दिल कहे कहीं ये हो न हो….

किसी रोज़ तुझ से बिछड़के के मैं,
तुझे ढूंढती फिरू दर -ब – दर…

तेरा साथ है तो है जिंदगी,
तेरा प्यार है तो है रोशनी….

Beautifully written….

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Superb lyrics……beautiful song Indeed😊👌
Along with great memories…..Enjoyed reading a lot!!!! Truly golden day👌👌👌👌👌
Heard a lot about Mr. Prakash Nadkarni and you Sir from Baba…..
Thanks for the wonderful share Aniruddha sir😊

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Lovely narrative of your grand success story and how it began!!! Finally you found your right place 👍👍in medical college. I mean culturally!
Yess the song hardly appears like quizable!!🤔
I agree with you!!
Strangely Cinema was such a taboo those days! But finally it is in a right place👍

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