The last word….

Baba and I shared common musical tastes and both independently came around to like the same artistes/composers and even songs. There is no happier memory in my mind than my Dad sitting in a diagonal on his favourite sofa next to the terrace in our living room, one hand holding a book while the elbow rested on the arm rest , the other one spread across the back of the sofa, his legs crossed while the Bose played His favourite songs and heavenly melodies filled the home and percolated every nook and cranny. The curtains would be drawn apart just enough to let the rays of the Sun to stream down on his wizened face and illuminate the tome he read. He would invariably veer to Hindustani Classical Music or Mehdi Hassan or Jagjit Singh’s Ghazals.

This is one of his favourite ones from the last named and aptly is a Bhairavi.

The melody is just sublime. The poetry introspective, delving deep into innerspace, plumbing new depths of the universe within that expands continually akin to its outer counterpart, enriched with every moment, every experience.

Jagjit Singh had a fabulous eye for spotting great verse, and in his singing career, he brought many a (hitherto unknown) talent into the limelight. This is one such bard.

मेरी तन्हाइयों तुम ही लगा लो मुझको सीने से
के मैं घबरा गया हूँ इस तरह रो रो के जीने से

ये आधी रात को फिर चूड़ियाँ सी क्या खनकती हैं
कोई आता है या मेरी ही ज़ंजीरें छनकती हैं
ये कैसी हूक सी उठती है ख़ामोशी के सीने से (ये बातें किस तरह पूछूँ मैं सावन के महीने से)

बहुत लम्बी है राहें प्यार की, और ज़िन्दगी कम है
घटा भी घिर के आई है, दिये की लौ भी मद्धम है
किनारा दूर होता जा रहा है फिर सफ़ीने से

(सफ़ीना = कश्ती, नाव)

पीने दो मुझे अपने ही लहू का जाम पीने दो
ना सीने दो किसी को भी मेरा दामन ना सीने दो
मेरी वहशत ना बढ़ जाये कहीं दामन के सीने से

-प्रेम वरबाटोनी

Like all the great ghazal singers, the various renditions of the ghazal are the same words rendered differently enough to make me savour all of them. I will just share a few links.

All the live versions are so similar and yet so different: the same words, similar composition, but the exposition differs depending on the mood and circumstances. I have heard this version the most number of times. Just love Jagjit Singh’s unhurried, languid presentation. Amazingly hypnotic style and rendition.

I feel like a child in a candy shop. I like them all and can’t make up my mind which one do I love the most. Impossible, really. To an aficionado, they all are good and why even embark on the fruitless journey of wanting to differentiate between them?

Stay safe, folks, stay healthy and happy and far away from the Chinese menace. Enjoy the weekend.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

6 replies on “The last word….”

Wow….superb poetry sung wonderfully👌👌
Also the narration for today’s song is equally beautiful like a painting…..especially the narration about your father👌👌
The word play is amazing….The use of words like wizened face and bard are too good…..always enriching the vocabulary of the reader👌👌👌👌
Thanks for the wonderful share Aniruddha sir….🙏🙏💐💐

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