बस यूँही……

On my walk in the countryside, I saw this amazingly delicate and pretty flower with silken soft petals on an extremely prickly set of leaves and very sharp, needle-like spikes on the stem. It was impossible to hold the leaves or even the stem without getting hurt. Amazing mechanism derived by nature to protect the plant and the flower. Animals have probably realized it by repeated and unpleasant interaction over the centuries: the plant and it’s sap as well as oil are extremely poisonous to man and beast alike. This deceptive beauty is Argemone mexicana, the Mexican Poppy aka the Prickly Poppy.
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By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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खुला छोड़ दिया ख़ुद को दुनिया के दामन में,
कांटो से करली दोस्ती छोड़ फूलों को चमन में,
क्या खुशी क्या गम समाया ख़ुदा को जहन में….

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