Truly out of the box

I first met Jagjit Singh in the 70s when he came to do a couple of programs in our college. The acquaintance was renewed in the 80s and 90s after I shifted to Pune. Ever the generous soul , he took so much time out of his busy schedule to help others, he has single handedly contributed more to charity than anyone else I know from the field. I feel he is the one person in India who is responsible for really take the genre of ghazals out of the exclusive preserve of the Urdu speakers to the hoi polloi so to speak and made them love the genre and thereby adore him, too. His selection of verse was impeccable and often in Hindi , the poetry could be easily understood by everyone. What I like most about him is his modern interpretation and rendering of poetry in his dulcet, honey soaked voice. Little wonder the man sold more albums and discs than any other solo artiste, all Bollywood superstars included.

Despite being prolific in his output, he never let the quality suffer. Look at this wonderful piece from an album aptly titled Forget Me Not (as if anyone could, honestly). The ghazal is just insanely awesome. Touch of genius.

I love his ability to think out of the box with his compositions and interpret ghazals in a modern syntax. From the traditional instrumentation of a harmonium, sarangi and tabla, he took it far far away and I do believe his innovations, like using a saxophone, sarod, violins and guitar in this particular instance enriches the experience and whetting the appetite leads to satiation and amazement that his creativity invariably creates.

तुम हमारे नहीं तो क्या ग़म है

तुम हमारे नहीं तो क्या ग़म है
हम तुम्हारे तो हैं ये क्या कम है

हुस्न की शोख़ियाँ ज़रा देखो
गाहे शोला हैं, गाहे शबनम हैं

(गाहे = कभी), (शबनम = ओस)

मुस्कुरा दो ज़रा ख़ुदा के लिये
शम्अ-ए-महफ़िल में रोशनी कम हैं

बन गया हैं ये ज़िंदगी अब तो
तुझ से बढ़कर हमें तेरा ग़म हैं

कुँवर मोहिन्दर सिंह बेदी ‘सहर’

I am eternally grateful to Jagjit Singh for introducing me to such amazing (hitherto unknown to me) poets.

Amazing melody that has been imprinted in my musical DNA since 4 decades and one that I just had to share. Take a bow, Sahar and Jagjit Singh ji, you made my life better with your genius.

Stay happy, folks and have a wonderful Sunday, as I go from the pure air of relatively unspoilt natural surroundings back to what humans euphemistically refer to as development and civilization. What a joke!!

I will float on this song played in a continuous loop in my head


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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A great selection Doctor Sahib. Enjoyed listening to it. There is nothing complicated about this gazal, which adds value to the silken voice of the legend. Have a pleasant day.

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One of my favourite too…

Excellent Lyrics….

तुम हमारे नहीं तो क्या ग़म है
हम तुम्हारे तो हैं ये क्या कम है….


मुस्कुरा दो ज़रा ख़ुदा के लिये
शम्अ-ए-महफ़िल में रोशनी कम हैं…


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wow….. अतिशय सुंदर आणि तरल शब्दं आहेत कवितेचे👌👌केवळ अप्रतिम… समजायला सोपे पण तरीही मनाला स्पर्शून जाणारे….. आणि त्याच्या जोडीला जगजीत सिंग यांची मखमली , भावनांनी ओथंबलेली गायकी….त्यांनी प्रत्येक शब्द उदाहरणं द्यायचे झाले तर ….देखो, शोला आणि असे कितीतरी शब्द किती वेगवेगळ्या आणि सुंदर प्रकारे गायले आहेत….आणि त्याबरोबरच वेगवेगळ्या वाद्यांचा सुंदर मेळ….
क्या बात है.. सुरांची मनोहारी रंगपंचमीच जणू….🌈🌈
Thanks for this wonderful share Aniruddha sir👍👍👍👍
Enjoyed it a lot!!!!


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