Ad libbing ad infinitum….

This is one of my all time favourite movies that I first saw nearly half a century ago in the iconic, hoary MLT of my alma mater, the renowned Seth G S Medical College, one Saturday afternoon that stretched into the late evening. The movie’s length stretched to more than 5 hours thanks to countless encores of the many songs and even some reels being repeated.

Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi is an utterly insane laugh riot with a bit of a set of love stories thrown in. It was apparently designed to be a flop (Kishore Kumar had some problems with the IT department and actually wanted it to flop to show losses on his books of account. That explains the mad caper, but given the product, it actually was a superhit and grossed so much money, his original intentions flopped!! ). So much for his desires and intentions. It is one of the few movies with all three Ganguly brothers seen on-screen. The storyline has been covered in the past and is probably known to half of Indians. To those who don’t know , please go see the movie tonight on YouTube, rather than watching inane, noisy “debates” on prime time TV that our channels specialise in for no logical reason.

The song is a kind of follow up on the nocturnal capers of our man Flint (Kishore Kumar) with a rain soaked Madhubala, and the envious and the incredulous Anoop Kumar (who signs the song with Kishoreda as well, with rather unmusical interjections: “Mannu, tera hua, ab mera kya hoga” and the funny , ironic fact is that Ashok Kumar and Anoop Kumar were actually trained in Hindustani Classical Music and the only “untrained singer” in the trio was Kishoreda himself!!!) looking askance unbelievingly at Kishoreda’s admission of having flipped head over heels, with a smiling Mohan Choti in the background. An immortal sequence!! The song has lyrics attributed to Majrooh Sultanpuri but I suspect that isn’t the case, quite likely Kishoreda at work in that department as well.

The lyrics describe the fantasy of a love lorn Kishoreda and actually is pure fiction. But just look at the flight of fantasy!!

हम थे वो थी, वो थी हम थे
हम थे वो थी और समा रंगीन समझ गए ना
जाते थे जापान पहुँच गए चीन  समझ गए ना
याने याने प्यार हो गया

खोया मैं कैसे उसकी बातों में
कहता हूँ दम तो लेने दो आहाहा
खोई वो कैसे मेरी बातों में
कहता हूँ दम तो लेने दो आहाहा
क्या क्या कह डाला, आँखों आँखों में 
कहता हूँ दम तो लेने दो 
हम थे वो थी…
ओ मन्नू तेरा हुआ अब मेरा क्या होगा

छूटे बुलबुले दो नैना फड़के 
उसने जब देखा मुड़-मुड़के वाह वाह वाह 
जैसे कहती हो सुन रे ओ लड़के
मैंने जब देखा मुड़-मुड़के वाह वाह वाह
फिर दोनों के दिल धाक-धाक-धाक-धड़के 
दोनों ने देखा मुड़-मुड़ के वाह वाह वाह 
हम थे वो थी…

थोड़ा-थोड़ा सांस, लम्बा लम्बा सांस 
धीरे धीरे उसने खैंचा आहाहा 
फिर उसका पल्लू बनके उसका दास 
धीरे धीरे मैंने खैंचा आहाहा
घबराहट में फिर अपना अपना हाथ
उसने खैंचा मैंने खैंचा आहाहा 
हम थे वो थी…

So also is the case with the composition. Although the great genius Burmanda is credited, the nature of this song and the wonderful relationship Burmanda enjoyed with Kishoreda makes it quite likely it was Kishoreda ghosting for SDB for this song.

All in all, a superb and utterly brainless but thoroughly enjoyable sequence and song.

Stay happy, folks, stay healthy. I will have the song going around in a continuous loop in my head today.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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