Breathless and energetic

The movie released after the 1965 war and I remember seeing it during a weekend visit to Jalandhar. Adampur was the Punjabi equivalent of a one horse town, a small village, really, with the Fighter base due to its strategic location close to the Western enemy. The movie was based apparently on D H Lawrence‘s stories and was meant solely to monetize the debonair, playboy image of the sole male lead, the Peter Pan of Bollywood, Dev Anand. It was notionally directed (& also produced) by Amarjeet. SD Burman da composed the music while his son Rahul Dev Burman composed the music for the English version (called somewhat disingenuously Oh Boy and Three Girls, but this version unfortunately was never released.

Teen Deviyan, the movie has Dev Anand romance three women, Nanda, Kalpana and Simi Grewal. I had seen Kalpana Mohan in Professor with Shammi Kapoor just after the China war. Each of the love stories could have been developed into one movie, but Amarjeet decided to produce a single movie with great eye candy: Nanda, Simi and Kalpana. Kalpana is the actress who meets Dev under rather different circumstances. It is interesting to watch the encounter with each of these three.

A lovely energetic song that is one of my all time favourite duets with Kishore Kumar, who is at his most wonderful, full throated, carefree singing like this. Asha Bhosle matches him note for note and the energetic tempo is truly unmatched. Drives a somnolent member of the audience into something of an emotional frenzy. Kalpana looks chubby and cute. Dev Anand is the cavalier playboy as always. Rafisaab actually has 2 solos in the movie while Kishoreda has a single solo but is part of all three duets.

Love this song. The movie is just wonderful with an interesting role for each of IS Johar, Harindranath Chattopadhyay and Ruby Myers. Do see it to watch the quintessential Debonair Devsaab.

Enjoy the weekend, folks as I grab a lungful or two of Oxygen… Stay safe, healthy and happy.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Truly the kind of song we can close our eyes and see Dev Anand. Kishore gave that different touch to each hero. 3 of my favorites are Dev, Rajesh Khanna and Bachchan.

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