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Lamenting Love’s Lost Labours

I saw this movie in a show that lasted 5 hours and something in the MLT of our hoary Alma Mater. Now I know you will definitely tell me the movie just doesn’t last that long, and you would be right of course. The actual movie had a run time in theaters of 9 minutes short of 3 hours. But only  Gosumecs would know that the Einsteinian Time-space continuum is always warped when it encounters a Film Club show on a Saturday afternoon. The scenario was clearly unique in our times: a stack of 16 mm film rolls that was numbered for ensuring continuity and to make the movie run in a linear fashion. Theoretically you add the time needed for the change of film rolls to the run time and you should actually be looking at a few minutes over 3 hours. But then my college folks would always enjoy every minute (& more) of the Saturday afternoon specials. The movie was organised by Bharat Bhama , the lovable and jovial (non) Himalayan Bear like guy who had his face used for a movie, the promotional posters clearly showed a lookalike : Ranga Khush! Some characters would purposely exchange the numbered covers on the can covers changing the sequence. While this confusion would usually be picked up immediately, more frequent (& predictable but oddly welcome) disruptions would always arise from encore requests for funny scenes or famous songs. The crowning glory was nearly a dozen for just one song from Albela. Any denial of acceding to requests would of course mean an enrichment of our vocabulary related to female relatives of the film club secretary. The metaphors used were rich in detail and even a fertile imagination of a poet like Gulzar would be hard put to envision this imagery.

Jhumroo had a story that was credited to Kishore da, who also composed the musical score. The many, uniformly unforgettable songs add to the movie and the storyline is suitably loosely woven to allow that. Kishore da apparently used his mentor/father-figure Sachinda’s instrumentalists to create pieces that are pure genius. 9 out of the 11 songs were written by Majrooh and as the other 2 are examples of utter insanity, so have been aptly penned by Kishoreda.

A vignette about this song: Kishore Kumar was five years old when he had heard Ashok Kumar sing “Koi Humdum Na Raha” in his debut film, Jeevan Naiya, where Himanshu Rai, the owner of Bombay Talkies drafted him by booting out the designated hero and making his wife Devika Rani act with Ashok Kumar (who was then a young technician). That song had been composed by Saraswati Devi. Kishoreda developed a liking for this song, that he had heard as a really young child. Some twenty-five years later, while composing the music for Jhumroo, Kishore approached Dadamoni to ask for his permission to sing “Koi Humdum Na Raha” for his film. Ashok Kumar attempted to dissuade him from doing so, saying that it was rather an intricate metre to compose, Kishore light-heartedly observed, “I don’t know about that but I will sing it and I will sing it better than you.After all, Kishore da didn’t suffer the weight of technical details, as he had never really been trained in music, the only one out of the sibs to have been left bereft of this education. Is it any surprise that “Koi Humdum Na Raha” is often regarded as one of Kishore Kumar’s best songs of a wonderful career…. Rightfully the lyrics ought to be attributed to J S Kashyap even for the song from Jhumroo as the lyrics remain essentially the same.

Here then, is the “original”:

Have a wonderful day ahead, folks and declutter your mind. Some of the best creations of man have come from spontaneous acts from untrained geniuses. Stay safe, happy and healthy. Hydrate yourselves well in the early, but harsh summer.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Training perhaps would have spoiled Kishore Kumar. SPB and Mohit Chauhan too belong to this category. It’s easy to understand Kishore’s confidence when he said, he would sing better.

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Kishor saab ke anginat pyare pyare gano me ek bahut hi pyara geet…
Thank you saheb ji …
Geet se joodi baate bhi achchhi jaankari de jaati he…aap ka fir se sah hriday dhanyawad sir ji..

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