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Truly unforgettable….

I remembered this song after many a month. One of the great thespian Ashok Kumar‘s most challenging roles where the make up actually was designed to make him look ugly. A wonderful combination of the combined geniuses of Sachindev Burmanda , Shailendra , Rafisaab and Lata Mangeshkar. The movie Meri Soorat Teri Aankhein was directed by RK Rakhan and wonderfully photographed in monochrome. The movie was actually edited by a giant of Hindi Films, who like an institution trained and groomed multiple greats of the industry: Bimal Roy. It was based on a Bangla novel, Ulka by Nihar Ranjan Gupta.

I have written about the song before but like every lovely work of art, one thinks of nuances one may not have captured earlier. This composition in Pilu and Taal Dadra is a testament to Burmanda’s genius. From the first notes of the sitar, and then an assortment of other instruments including the Santoor and Baansuri, (suspect the usual suspects there) & you’re transported to auditory bliss. Rafisaab takes over with a touch of pathos and loneliness that tears me up. A master of emotive expressions through his voice, Rafisaab brings in an unimaginable set of feelings into the song, it is truly amazing.

I found it amusing the movie has been shot off the old Mumbai- Pune highway. The need for an apt locale has been thrown out of the window in the current era of bigger and more in-your-face productions that throw credibility away. You will see the same 3 minute song being picturized everywhere from Sahara to Kashmir to Switzerland and Iceland.

This song also has a solo version by Rafisaab, a sadder version, pictured later in the movie. That is even more moving.

A wonderful song I recalled from a movie released nearly 60 years ago. Stay safe, folks, stay happy and healthy. Join me at 11.20 am for the 26th of my fortnightly shows on music on AIR Delhi FM Gold. I will showcase a famous songwriter/ singer whose skills I am in awe of

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

18 replies on “Truly unforgettable….”

Unusual picturization sir, it is confusing because to shoot a song of such kind in an outdoor location is offbeat. This could have been easily an indoor sad song. The song is a vvvvvv beautiful composition, who cares about the rest.

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I am amazed at ur ability to dig out treasures and share those gems with us.. I personally get enriched about our huge and rich music culture. Thk u doc💕🎼

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Lovely share of both the versions 👌👌👌
You are absolutely right Rafi saab is too good and song just enters your heart 👌👌👌

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O wow….what a beautifuuuuul song sirji….subah subah bahut hi achchha feel kiya…itana shant madhurta bari aavaz …sangeet …!!! Kya baat he…lovely…
Tnx a lot saheb ji ..tnx a lot

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