KK Sad Songs

A grim foreboding

Late last evening someone posted the searing news that cut like a hot knife would through butter, to the soul, an unbelievably painful and mortal blow. I know someone who was attending his live concert at Nazrul Mancha in Kolkata last evening and one of the songs he performed there , in retrospect looks so different just a few hours later. A recording made of that song promptly appeared on the social media and surely has gone viral by now, thanks to the macabre prescience it seems to portend. Amazing, how things work out sometimes…

The song, composed by Leslie Lewis, with lyrics by Mehboob, could really be written for Krishnakumar Kunnath’s adieu.

But the song that never figured in a movie, and now seems such a spooky premonition.

हम रहें या न रहें कल, कल याद आयेंगे ये पल
पल ये हैं प्यार के पल
चल आ मेरे संग चल
चल सोचें क्या छोटी सी है ज़िन्दगी
कल मिल जायें, तो होगी खुश-नसीबी
हम रहें या न रहें कल याद आयेंगे ये पल

हम रहें या न रहें कल, कल याद आयेंगे ये पल
पल ये हैं प्यार के पल
चल आ मेरे संग चल
चल सोचें क्या…

शाम का आंचल ओढ़ के आई देखो वो रात सुहानी
आ लिख दें हम दोनों मिलके अपनी ये प्रेम कहानी
हम रहें या न रहें…

आने वाली सुबह जाने रंग क्या लाये दीवानी
मेरी चाहत को रख लेना जैसे कोई निशानी
हम रहें या न रहें…

Krishnakumar Kunnath was just 53, was popularly known as KK, and recorded songs in at least 10 Indian Languages: Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Odiya, Gujarati, Assamese, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Bangla. Starting off as a singer of ad jingles, he made a debut with A R Rahman.

In 1999, he launched his debut album, Pal. The songs “Pal” and “Yaaron” from the album have become very popular and are commonly used in school farewells. A man without any formal musical training, KK always considered Leslie Lewis as his mentor for giving him his first jingle to sing.  KK was introduced as a playback singer by A R Rahman with the superhit song “Kalluri Saaley” and “Hello Dr.” from Kadhal Desam by Kadir and then “Strawberry Kannae” from a big banner AVM Production: Minsara Kanavu  He got his solo Bollywood break with “Tadap Tadap” from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. He had sung a small portion of the beautiful song “Chhod Aaye Hum” from Maachis made by Gulzar a few years prior.

A shocker and a tragedy that should have been averted by early diagnosis and most importantly resuscitative equipment like AED’s in all public places. I feel the unfortunate and premature demise of one of my favourite singers of the current crop should be utilised to galvanise these efforts.

Let us prove he did not live and die in vain.

Have a good day ahead, folks. Stay happy. I will stay lost in my memories of KK….


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

10 replies on “A grim foreboding”

Rightly pointed out sir, we should try to percolate the knowledge of resucitation across the population.

Sad day indeed for the world of music.

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Very unfortunate, 🙏🙏🙏 but as a premonition probably he rightly said. One doesn’t know when end will come . So let’s live the moment fully.
One always needs time to come to terms with reality, so you will.
But no doubt pain lingers for a long time.

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What you say is so right🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Came as a shock to me too as he was my favourite amongst the new lot… I dare say more than Arijit too🙏🏾
These Young Heart attacks are increasing day by day… have we as doctors become complacent??…. I ponder😔
Lovely post SIR🙏🏾

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