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Transcending all expectations…

I first heard this ghazal as part of a dozen ghazals sung by my favourite female singer from Bollywood , Asha Bhosle (her famous older sibling notwithstanding). Ghulam Ali has sung 4 duets out of the ensemble collection, Ashatai has rendered the other 8 as soulful solos. A collection of truly brilliant ghazals by varied poets, I’ve heard Meraj-e-Ghazal many times, and of late, made a greater attempt to understand the words and the nuances expressed as much as enjoy the composition and exquisite vocals. The album is strung together with such priceless gems, one is spoilt for choice. I have spoken of one of the ghazals a couple of months ago, this is another beautiful creation by the duo of Ashatai and Ghulam Ali. The vinyl double record set was released 4 decades ago, in 1983. The enduring quality of great music is such that I haven’t tired of hearing any of these outstanding pieces nearly 40 years on, I would have definitely heard it at least 40 times.

This is a wonderful, sublime example of the quality of each of the dozen pieces:

The Shehenshah-e-ghazal, Khansaheb Mehdi Hassan sahab has rendered this ghazal for decades before the Ashatai album emerged, he sang it in the very melodious, serious raag Natbhairav.

A wonderful ghazal, rendered at length by Ghulam Ali in a live program. I just love these maestro’s ability and desire to expound at length without any constraints of time, whenever they are in the mood. Freed of temporal constraints, they just let go and soar free, bringing a sense of auditory and spiritual satiation to the audience.

हैरतों के सिलसिले सोज़-ए-निहाँ तक आ गए: काबिल अजमेरी

हैरतों के सिलसिले सोज़-ए-निहाँ तक आ गए

हम नज़र तक चाहते थे तुम तो जाँ तक आ गए….

ना-मुरादी अपनी क़िस्मत गुमरही अपना नसीब

कारवाँ की ख़ैर हो हम कारवाँ तक आ गए…..

उन की पलकों पर सितारे अपने होंटों पे हँसी

क़िस्सा-ए-ग़म कहते कहते हम कहाँ तक आ गए…..

ज़ुल्फ़ में ख़ुशबू न थी या रंग आरिज़ में न था

आप किस की आरज़ू में गुल्सिताँ तक आ गए…..

रफ़्ता रफ़्ता रंग लाया जज़्बा-ए-ख़ामोश-ए-इश्क़

वो तग़ाफ़ुल करते करते इम्तिहाँ तक आ गए

ख़ुद तुम्हें चाक-ए-गरेबाँ का शुऊ’र आ जाएगा

तुम वहाँ तक आ तो जाओ हम जहाँ तक आ गए

(उन की पलकों पर सितारे अपने होंटों पे हँसी

क़िस्सा-ए-ग़म कहते कहते हम कहाँ तक आ गए…..) This ash’aar has been used at the very end of Ashatai’s rendition and not where is belongs in the ghazal written by Zafar Qabil Ajmeri.

आज ‘क़ाबिल’ मय-कदे में इंक़लाब आने को है

अहल-ए-दिल अंदेशा-ए-सूद-ओ-ज़ियाँ तक आ गए

A chance recall first up in the morning, and bringing forth a panoply of emotions in just the three renditions. Time permitting, I will try to transliterate this amazing piece of verse , the beauty may not be appreciated by the casual listener who may be a greater novitiate in the language than I am.

Stay safe, folks and pray for a healthy monsoon to lower the temperatures. Stay healthy and do visit later in the day(s to come)


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

14 replies on “Transcending all expectations…”

Simply amazing…. Complete auditory bliss…. संपूर्ण अर्थ समजला तर ऐकायला पूर्णता आणि अधिक आनंद लाभेल👍👍

Thanks for the wonderful share and beautiful wordcraft…

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Heard for the first time( so sorry for that)….
You have an extraordinary talent of bringing gems for us🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Big thank you for awakening people like me🙏🏾

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Will take time to hear all 3 maestro. So far heard Ghulam Ali and feelings rushed high to thank you early.
Will revert immediately to hear the other 2.
Meanwhile, THANKS.

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