Romantic Duets Shankar Jaikishan

The long and winding road

We saw this movie in some theater in Secunderabad during a weekend visit when Dad’s squadron relocated to Hakimpet after the terrible 62 war. All wars are terrible, but the Chinese were particularly brutal. They didn’t, like their rabid watchdogs (who export them donkeys and brides) believe in any humane treatment of Indian prisoners. Many were returned with fresh bayonet wounds with red blood oozing out and the bodies still warm and rigor mortis yet to set in.

I remember the storyline somewhat sketchily (I wouldn’t want to get a toxic dose of Mr Facepalm romancing any unsuspecting pretty woman after realizing he couldn’t act to clean his paan stained teeth) but the musical score from the movie, Hariyali Aur Raasta, is fresh in my mind. That’s true of this unique, defining characteristic of Bollywood films. The music , despite being designed and composed specifically for the movies grew in stature and durability, frequently outlasting the movies in the ability of an average filmgoer to recall. Everyone remembers songs, one can sometimes recall lyrics verbatim but maybe hard pressed to recall the movie ( &/or the cast &/or storyline) that had the song.

Hariyali aur Raasta had the vivacious, buxom lady from Nepal, Mala Sinha (who could not have possibly met as much success if she were to be addressed as Alda Sinha or as Nazma Sinha) opposite Facepalm. The movie had a typical love triangle between the two and Shashikala, whose histrionic skills were scarcely tested and she was sadly only made to portray darker shades of grey. How can one forget her key chain twirling character in Gumraah, again with Mala Sinha.

Shankar Jaikishan held the key to success in many a project, they spelt S U C C E S S and big bucks. This film grossed nearly ₹2 Crores in the early 60s in ticket collection alone, which made it a blockbuster. Hasrat Jaipuri wrote these lyrics for this treacly sweet duet between Mukesh and Latadidi. With both on top of their respective games, the melody is truly eternal.

इब्तदा-ए-इश्क में हम सारी रात जागे
अल्लाह जाने क्या होगा आगे
ओ मौला जाने क्या होगा आगे
दिल में तेरी उल्फत के बंधने लगे धागे
अल्लाह जाने…

क्या कहूँ कुछ कहा नहीं जाये
बिन कहे भी रहा ना जाये
रात भर करवट मैं बदलूं
दर्द दिल का सहा नहीं जाये
नींद मेरी आँखों से दूर दूर भागे
अल्लाह जाने…

दिल में जागी प्रीत की ज्वाला
जबसे मैंने होश संभाला
मैं हूँ तेरे प्यार की सीमा
तु मेरा राही मतवाला
मेरे मन की वीना में तेरे राग जागे
अल्लाह जाने…

तूने जब-जब आँख मिलाई
दिल से इक आवाज़ ये आई
चलके अब तारों में रहेंगे
प्यार के हम दो सौदाई
मुझको तेरी सूरत भी चांद रात लगे
अल्लाह जाने…

The movie isn’t really worth a look, but the songs truly sublime. One great album which will be remembered for Mukesh .

Stay safe, folks, stay happy and healthy and pray for a good monsoon.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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एकच वेगळी जागा घेतली आहे LM नी,
मेरे मन की बीना में तेरे राग जागे… त्या करता अनेक वेळा ऐकावं असं गीत आहे

Nice one sir. Listening to it in the Operation Theatre

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All the songs of the movie were great. I particularly liked a Mahendra kapoor ji’s Kho gaya hai mera pyar. Vijay beats movies always had great music. Ram rajya or Baiju bawra or Hariyali aur Rasta or Himalay ki God mein or Goonj uthi Shehnai. All by different music directors in different decades.

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