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बस यूँही……

There isn’t anything more enchanting than a fresh bloom soaked in the rains. The freshness of the flowers accentuated by the raindrops .
Plumeria pudica is a species of the genus Plumeria (Apocynaceae), native to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. It has been naturalized over a much wider geographic expanse. This profuse bloomer has leaves in the shape of a cobra’s hood, and its flowers are white with a yellow center. There is a variegated leaved Plumeria pudica commonly called Golden Arrow or Gilded Spoon, also a pink flowering hybrid produced in Thailand called Sri Supakorn or Pink pudica.

In Marathi it is called नागचाफा, due to the distinctive shape of the leaves.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

16 replies on “बस यूँही……”

Bhina Bhina khushbudaaaaaar mausam….uparse aapki Bhini Bhini shero-Shayri ….!!! Mausam BHAR jaata he….
Thank u Thank u…

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इतना नशा ये मदिरा में कहां साकी जो हमारे होश छीने,
ये तो तेरे भीगे गेसू है जो मदहोश किए जाते है,
मेघा में इतना दम कहां जो हमें भीगा शके,
ये तेरे भीगे अधर ही है जो सिर्फ जुल्म किए जाते है….

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Soooo pure and beautiful flower!!!!
It must have been a great bliss to see such rain soaked beautiful flowers….First thing in the morning….Gives a very serene feeling……Will give a refreshing feeling throughout the day…..
Beautiful words too…..

जब सुंदर सफ़ेद पंखुडियोने सुबह ली पहली अंगड़ाई
तब सारे जहाँ में एक मीठी मदहोशी छाई
उनकों देख बरख़ा की बूँदे खूब मुसकाई
सूरज का सुनहरा पीला टीका उन्हें लगाने लाई

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