Romantic Duets

A morning melody of longing

The morning was overcast, dark and a tad gloomy.

It is amazing how environmental conditions affect our moods and thinking. I am sure had the day started off bright and sunny with birds chirping incessantly, I wouldn’t have thought of this song.

The movie had Nanda and Sunil Dutt in the lead. Aaj aur Kal was made in the early 60s. The story and screenplay was by the multifaceted genius P L Deshpande, who every Marathi speaker knows simply as Pu La. Directed by Vasant Joglekar, it had a great cast in Ashok Kumar, Deven Verma & Tanuja apart from the lead pair. Ashok Kumar is the dictatorial monarch with 2 daughters: (you guessed right, Nanda and Tanuja) Nanda has been paralysed from the waist down. The King tries several doctors to try to cure his daughter but they all fail. Now he hires a young physician to do the trick. Sunil Dutt is not just young, but also has radical ideas, specifically against silly protocols that hamper laughter, fun and frolic. (Traces of Jeetendra’s character in Parichay ) Now the young quack’s quirky experimentations provide greater mobility and are a source of joy to the gennext, giving them a new set of ideas and vents their frustration. Transcending normal barriers of doctor-client confidentiality and professional ethics, the Doc actually falls in love with his patient (a strict No-No) and the romance makes miraculously her walk in a jiffy! That Saibabaesque miracle apart, the younger daughter (Tanuja) now falls in love with a log of wood (Soodesh Kumar) who contests an election against the ruler and defeats him. The defeated King (pun intended) now has to actually accept the younger daughter’s choice as well for a son-in-law!

The song is sung in the morning raag Asawari as a beautiful duet. Sahir wrote beautifully and this is Rafisaab and Asha Bhosle in top form. Ravi’s composition is sublime. A wonderful melody indeed

Stay safe, folks. Stay healthy and enjoy the long overdue rains.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

4 replies on “A morning melody of longing”

What a voice!!! Ashaji has simply poured pure nectar into it👌👌👌👌👌👌👌🙏🏾
An adaptation ofसुंदर मी होणार!! I wonder why the movie didn’t do well inspite of great songs in it🤔…

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Nice song. Inexplicably, it triggered another song in my head and that just refuses to go away!!

मुझको अपने गले लगा लो, ऐ मेरे हमराही – with that special voice of Mubaraq Begum….

She had just a few songs that became popular, but boy-oh-boy, were they good!!

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