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The joy of first rains

Monsoons in India are a source of joy, of rebirth, rejuvenation of an entire country after the scorching heat of the summer that’s left a subcontinent parched and the earth thirsty. We have an entire set of activities centred around the onset of the rains.

The plentiful rains always augur well for a country where the majority of the populace still looks to survive on agriculture.

There are so many raags created to capture the joyous spirit of the rains. As also innumerable rain songs. This is one such that I particularly love as it is from the King of Soul who was more used to give voice to more sombre melodies. The beauty of monochrome photography is unmistakable and truly eternally awe inspiring.

Mukesh sings this fun song to celebrate the joy of rains on music by Kalyanji Anandji. Raj Kapoor in his trademark style jumps around as women hurriedly pull clothes from the clothesline, people pull out umbrellas and run for shelter. It is the joy of first downpour that you see when you see this eternal song in black & white from a 60s movie, Chhalia with Nutan, Rehman and Raj Kapoor.

The movie was directed by Manmohan Desai and the lyrics are by Qamar Jalalabadi.

Have fun, folks as I am mentally already in the great outdoors. In the rains it will be just sublime. Stay healthy and happy.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

19 replies on “The joy of first rains”

An iconic song… revived so well👌👍👍
After shooting this song RK was to take decision if he would allow a novice like Manmohan Desai( then!!) to direct him👍
And you can see how successful he was😅

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I somehow loved the songs “Meri Jaan Kuchh Bhi Keejiye” and “Mere Toote Huye Dil Se” more than this fun song, though this must have been a lot more popular.

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By listening some of my favourites of Mukesh in your post….are unforgettable…
Mukesh voice interpreted Raj Kapoors soul…they r made for each other…Showman he is…& music director like S & J…when they come together with Shailedra….They produced master pieces! ! ! !

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Super relevance of this song.
A 1960 movie. Cool. Thanks for sharing

And Kaka, your last 4 lines are making us follow you on a busy Friday 😀

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