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बस यूँही……

Each sunset weaves a different story, the multihued evanescent beauty that unfolds in the skies is truly breathtaking and awe-inspiring. No two moments are alike in any sunset, the panoply of ever changing colours so mind boggling. Impossible to capture the beauty through a lens…
I was reminded of a poem I had read while in school when I saw this Sunset in the hills.

Out of the Sunset’s Red
by William Stanley Braithwaite

Out of the sunset’s red
Into the blushing sea,
The winds of day drop dead
And dreams come home to me. —
The sea is still,— and apart
Is a stillness in my heart.
The night comes up the beach,
The dark steals over all,
Though silence has no speech
I hear the sea-dreams call
To my heart; — and in reply
It answers with a sigh.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

18 replies on “बस यूँही……”

शाम का खूबसूरत नजारा और लाजवाब पंक्तीया. वाह क्या बात है!

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सरजी खूपच छान.
या इथे झाडांना उदासीन करणाऱ्या संधी प्रकाशात
मी जेव्हा ईश्वरी करुणांची स्तोत्रे म्हणू लागतो
मावळतीला शेवटच्या किरणांची फुले समुद्राच्या
दिशाहीन पाण्यात बुडून जातात …कुठे जातात ?
क्षितिजाच्या अमूर्त बनात पारिजाताचे वणवे
उत्कर्षाने पेटू लागतात…….ग्रेस

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Suraj doob gaya… Bahut umda Sir..
“Suraj” Jo, “zindagi” deta hai, taayeed uski tum karo, laajmi hai..
Mat Bhulna tu ae-ashrful makhlooqat, tere aasuyo’n ko duniya se chupane tuze “raat ki tanhaiyo’n” ki zaroorat hai….”

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डूबता सूरज सुनहरी सुबह का सपना दिखा गया,
उसे क्या मालूम वो काली रात में हमे तन्हा कर गया,
और मैं पागल तेरी यादों में तकिए भिगोते गया….

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