Dev Anand Nalini Jaywant Sachindev Burman

Travelling together…

Bollywood frequently has a recurring situation of the same song being rendered by two singers, male and female, and with varying degrees of effects and sometimes in a different vein, too.

Amongst all the songs of this kind that I heard, this was one that has stuck in my mind the longest. It is from a Dev Anand -Nalini Jaywant movie Munimji from the 50s. The movie, produced by the legendary Sashadhar Mukherjee for Filmistan was based on a story by Ranjan Bose, whose daughter Sharmila was my classmate, and the Filmistan script writer turned director Nasir Hussain wrote the dialogues with Qamar Jalalabadi. The movie was directed by the Filmistan owner’s brother Subodh Mukherjee. Sachindev Burman set lyrics by Sahir to unforgettable tunes. Pran is in his patented role of a villain. Ameeta, who was responsible for the rejuvenation of Shammi Kapoor‘s floundering career is seen, too. This is the male version of the song, sung by the inimitable Kishore Kumar.

It is cute to see that the 50s also had this habit of making the headscarf out of the same cloth as the dress for women, much the same as we see masks being made of the same cloth these days, ever since the Chinese virus hit mankind. The movie met great commercial success in India, and amazingly, collected a sizable booty from the USSR ( which was surprising since the theme of the movie is not really socialist or communist) .

The same song was rendered by Lata Mangeshkar in a different vein , amazingly shot in the same car with her more formally dressed and decked up, too. The mood is totally different from the Kishore Kumar version, though and credit to the genius of Burmanda to be able to do this so successfully.

Amazing music from what truly was the golden era of Bollywood music. Melody ruled the roost and little wonder that this music is popular for longer than the age of the members of the audience…

Stay happy and healthy, folks, as the skies darken ,having started off on a bright and cheerful note at daybreak today.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

12 replies on “Travelling together…”

Truly the golden era of Hindi cinema music. It always saddens me that my children will never appreciate the beauty of these gems due to their engagement with the new age music.

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The melodies of the time are eternally durable. I am sure they will discover them.

Just as I discovered Abdul Karim Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali, Begum Akhtar, Paluskar’s, and so on


Wow….lovely song….The happier one….Dev Anand is looking sooooo good and Nalini Jayvant very cute….The chemistry between the two is also very good….wonderfully sung..

The sad one is also equally good..just by giving a different treatment to music…The mood had changed totally…
Liked the song always…👌👌👍👍

Thanks for the wonderful share Aniruddha sir..

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What a meaningful song turned into two superb gems by Burmanda👌👌👌👌👌👌
Now that you say… even I think this is the tandem song which will always b remembered as the Best tandem song ever made… And no one can decide which is better?👍👍👍
Such was the golden era… Yess!!
Sharmila Ranjan Bose….. your class fellow 🤔
You never stop giving pleasant surprises👍👍🙏🏾

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Golden era ke geet ka asar hi kuch aur tha.. Sunate sunate hum unn geeto’n me dhal jaatey the, aur unn geeto’n ki yahi kamyabi hai ki aaj bhi vo geet hume jubani yaad hai.. Dhanyawad sir.

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