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Impossible to not love

I have often been asked the question why is it that I like the genre of ghazals so much? My answer is clear. It always combines a great piece of poetry (that would always make wonderful reading), a melodious composition (rare almost unknown to find the extant progeny of Cacofonix from the brave Gaul village that is staving off the Rampant Romans — the Italian invaders were much hated even then, you see— ever trying their bleats in the genre) , and vocals that are usually pleasing. (And I select the voices I don’t want to hear to ensure my sensitive ear , mind and soul aren’t traumatized by insensate vocal attempts at murder)

Of all the Ghazal singers I’ve heard I must say I love Jagjit Singh a bit more. His ability to pick up brilliant pieces of verse , many times from relatively unknown poets, set them to soulful compositions with an amazing sense of innovation is both uncanny and tonic for my soul that always thrives on regular injections and even infusions of such an essential (to me) font of eternal joy and youth.

Look at this amazing creation, in the form of a duet by him with Chitra Singh. Her sharp and high notes harmonize with his soft, low , soulful ones.

Who else before him thought of using a guitar to lead a wonderful piece of poetry and lead me gently, albeit for a few minutes into a state of auditory bliss, a pleasurable stupor that expels all pain and stress and establishes an enviable and much sought after state of calm? Jagjit Singh‘s genius was in giving me hundreds of these gems and I, unlike the base Arab, not throwing the pearls away, but hoarding them carefully to cherish them all my life. Every so often I take out one from the hidden, deepest recesses of my soul, admire them, and having savoured them for the time, place them carefully back for another day.

बात साक़ी की न टाली जाएगी
कर के तौबा तोड़ डाली जाएगी

देख लेना वो न ख़ाली जाएगी
आह जो दिल से निकाली जाएगी

ग़र यही तर्ज़-ए-फ़ुग़ाँ है अन्दलीब
तू भी गुलशन से निकाली जाएगी

(तर्ज़-ए-फ़ुग़ाँ = आर्तनाद/ दुहाई का ढँग), (अन्दलीब = बुलबुल), (गुलशन = बाग़, बग़ीचा)

आते-आते आएगा उनको ख़याल
जाते-जाते बेख़याली जाएगी

(बेख़याली = असावधानी)

क्यों नहीं मिलती गले से तेग़-ए-नाज़
ईद क्या अब के भी ख़ाली जाएगी

(तेग़-ए-नाज़ = नाज़/अभिमान/ नखरा रूपी तलवार, गर्विता)

-जलील मानिकपुरी

इसी ग़ज़ल के कुछ और अशआर:

वो सँवरते हैं मुझे इस की है फ़िक्र
आरज़ू किस की निकाली जाएगी

दिल लिया पहली नज़र में आप ने
अब अदा कोई न ख़ाली जाएगी

क्या कहूँ दिल तोड़ते हैं किस लिए
आरज़ू शायद निकाली जाएगी

गर्मी-ए-नज़्ज़ारा-बाज़ी का है शौक़
बाग़ से नर्गिस निकाली जाएगी

(नज़्ज़ारा-बाज़ी = ताका-झाँकी, आँखें लड़ाना)

देखते हैं ग़ौर से मेरी शबीह
शायद उस में जान डाली जाएगी

(शबीह = चित्र, तस्वीर, फोटो)

ऐ तमन्ना तुझ को रो लूँ शाम-ए-वस्ल
आज तू दिल से निकाली जाएगी

(शाम-ए-वस्ल = मिलन की शाम)

फ़स्ल-ए-गुल आई जुनूँ उछला ‘जलील’
अब तबीअ’त कुछ सँभाली जाएगी

(फ़स्ल-ए-गुल =  बसंत ऋतु, बहार का मौसम)

What a wonderful, just sublime piece of poetry fused with an amazingly satiating musical composition and topped by the harmonious cherries on top.

One more visit won’t be out of place , would it, folks? Come join me in one more admiration of this wonderful objet d’art.

Stay healthy and happy and join me at 1120 am on my fortnightly show on AIR Delhi FM Gold when I’ll open yet another door to a treasure trove carefully nurtured over nearly half a century.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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तुमच्या जादुई पोतडीत अशी किती रत्न आहेत सर….रोज नविन ऐकतो आम्ही …ओह we r so lucky….❤👌🏻🙏🏻

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