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And the tears emerge….

I am always amazed by Jagjit Singh’s amazing ability to come up with his time tested formula for success every single time. He has an uncanny ability (can never bring myself to refer to him in the past tense) in identifying pieces of meaningful verse from relatively less known wordsmiths, marry them with treacly sweet, innovative compositions and then render them in his unique, divine voice to create a real gem to be admired, savoured , cherished and treasured for all times to come.

Look at the song I woke up with today.

Like many of his ghazals, this figures in multiple albums and he has rendered it in many a live concert as well. Kunwar Mohinder SinghSahar” is a poet who I discovered only due to Jagjit Singh showcasing his poetry, as he did to many scores of posts in his long and prolific career.

I love his amazing introduction, a blend of contemporary notes with traditional instrumental swaras. The composition has the flute and the sarangi dominate the first interlude, setting the solitude, the pathos and introspective tone that is so beautifully brought out by Jagjit ji. Just gentle, repetitive notes from a guitar that complement the vocals make this a composition that gives me goosebumps every single time I hear it. Jagjitji’s deliberately understated and soft voice that shows it can take the high notes effortlessly too when necessary.

A look at the poem won’t be unreasonable, I think.

आँखों से यूँ आँसू ढलके

आँखों से यूँ आँसू ढलके
सागर से जैसे मय छल के

हम समझे मफ़्हूम-ए-बहाराँ
कोई आया भेस बदल के

(मफ़्हूम-ए-बहाराँ = बहार का अर्थ)

काश बता सकते परवाने
क्या खोया क्या पाया जल के

मंज़िल तक वो क्या पहुँचाए
जिसने देखी राह न चल के

                  –कुँवर मोहिन्दर सिंह बेदी ‘सहर’

A wonderful and pleasing melody that unobtrusively intrudes into my solitude, my moments of inward journey.

काश बता सकते परवाने
क्या खोया क्या पाया जल के

A statement/question that will remain unanswered even by those who immolate themselves in the very same, all consuming flame.

Stay safe folks, stay happy and healthy. Let the Lord of the Rains bless our great country with lots of precipitation….

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

8 replies on “And the tears emerge….”

As always beautifully put together….The poetry, music, vocals…
Everything….Jagjit Singh ji is simply superb….He is one of my favourite singers….His soft silky voice soothes the aching soul….conveys pathos and all the emotions perfectly…..
Again all this beautifully wordcrafted by use sir…
Thanks for the wonderful share…..

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