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Unforgettable song from a forgotten movie

Yesterday was Kishore Kumar‘s 93rd birthday. All my music loving friends expected me to post a song by him, but the social media were awash with scores if not hundreds of his well known (& also less known) melodies. As a result, I consciously held back my Kishore da post by 24 hours.

It is truly impossible to pick up just one song by such a prolific singer and an unforgettable, multifaceted genius for so many reasons. As it should be for another prolific and much loved unmistakable one, Rahuldev Dev Burman, for pretty much the same reasons: for both of these guys, you’re really spoilt for choice. I therefore decided to choose one which shows their oeuvre more. It would have to be a delicious song from an utterly forgettable movie. This was a great fit.

A self confessed , utterly amoral junkie who was foisted on the cine going public (by his doting parents and their D Gang coterie and family connections through his mother) cast opposite an actress who looked out of place in necking the guy, and an utterly inane storyline sums up Rocky.

Pancham is expectedly brilliant with a melody that’s typical of him. Kishore da let’s his full throated voice soar in this sublime song. Lata Mangeshkar is the perfect foil , the anchor on which voice rests and brings him back to terra firma.

Anand Bakshi wrote the lyrics, in his trademark style, again a very prolific craftsman who actually believed he was a good singer. Unfortunately others didn’t share his opinion of his vocal skills. After a couple of movies of agony, the lid came down firmly on his ( & the suffering audience) pain. D

An easily identified Kishoreda and Latadidi duet of brilliance, oozing romance from a movie you would need to drag me gagged and shackled to get me within a mile of. By the end of the movie, I suppose I would be ready to admit I’ve killed JFK and MLK Jr as well as Abe Lincoln.

Stay safe, folks as I am mentally in a different locale already, 24 hours ahead of my being physically transported there.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

12 replies on “Unforgettable song from a forgotten movie”

One of the gem from pancham’s treasure. I loved the flute fillers by Manoharida.

One more gem you should listen is ‘Aisa Sama na hota’. This one is must listen during rainy season having cup of hot ginger tea staring at lush green mountains. Do try

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Sirji Title of this write-up is perfect..Kishoreda simply great.Somewhere recently I came to know Rafisaab sang nearly 35k songs and Kishoreda only 5k…Great..Thanks

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👌🙌👏 lovely song…and I like it for the slim fit Sanjay Dutt too… before he became khalanayak… :)…on a lighter note …

This is 1 of the immortal song…

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