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बस यूँही……

The skies were suffused for a fleeting moment with an unreal celestial magical show just after sunset. I could feel the leash I once held so often tug at my hand insistently as my furry son grew impatient at my standing still admiring His painting skills. I could sense his presence, after all I was proximate to his forever resting place. He had, as was his habit, moved on ahead and seemed to stop and look back to see if I would follow him, which I definitely will, another day.

I was reminded of this sublime piece of verse:

Walking into a golden sky

By D I Harrison

Walking into a golden sky

When I start and walk alone,

Rain, dark storms folding about me,  

When I need  a person – you –

And you were just here,

Now departed,

I shall never walk alone,

For you are here, but just now

You’re at a different here,

And yet here the silver lark’s song is heard

(by us both).




The picture has been shot without any filters and has not in any way been postprocessed.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

20 replies on “बस यूँही……”

Great!!!! Nature is a great painter….painting different paintings every second….in the sky…. all around….
The sky in the photograph has soooo many beautiful….delicate shades….blended well….while watching this unfold before your eyes is an out of the world feeling…..and it lasts for very few seconds…..that particular frame of painting in the sky….
and great you captured it in that split of second Sir….And presented it today to for us here with a beautiful sublime poetry!!!!
Thanks a bunch…..👌👌👍👍
The photograph is tempting to attempt it as a subject for painting on canvass…..

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मदहोश करने चली आई फिर एक रंगीन शाम,
ढलती जवानी में जादू बिखेर गई वो रंगीन शाम,
क्या जाने साकी,क्या पीला गई वो रंगीन शाम,
बंध आंखो से तेरे सपने दिखा गई वो रंगीन शाम….

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