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बस यूँही……

My most favourite corner of the garden has the Jasmine plant. Called जाई in Marathi, it is a rather delicate flower with an intense fragrance that’s heady and captivating.
Jasminum officinale known as the common jasmine or simply jasmine, is a species of flowering plant in the olive family Oleaceae.
It is native to the Caucasus, northern Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Himalayas, Tajikistan, India, Nepal and western China ,Tibet, up to Yunnan. The species is also widely cultivated in many countries in the Western Hemisphere, and is reportedly naturalized in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Algeria, Florida and the West Indies. It is also known as summer jasmine, poet’s jasmine, white jasmine, true jasmine or jessamine, and is particularly valued by gardeners throughout the temperate world for the intense fragrance of its flowers in summer. It is also the National flower of Pakistan. Officinale is an epithet that means “useful”.
The essential oil of Jasminum officinale is unsurprisingly widely used in aromatherapy.  Jasmine absolute is actually known as the ‘King of Oils’, and its heavy, sweet scent is loved by most.  This unique aroma is described as calming and soothing without being soporific.
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By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Jasmine.. Khoop sunder mahiti milali. Dhanyawad. “Swatala sawara.”., sunder sandesh tumhi 2 olinmadhe chaan dilat..

“Tumhari narajagi jayaj thi…,
Per.. Aafat yuh aan padi ke “be-parda” ho ke hume nikalana pada…” Shibaa

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