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बस यूँही….

The flip side of solitude. Having to stay by yourself for too long without any interaction with others may make one incapable of simple human activity.
Gomphrena globosa, commonly known as globe amaranth, is an edible plant from the family Amaranthaceae.  The rounded, globular inflorescence is a striking, visually dominant feature of the plant that has been engineered by selective cultivation to get shades of magenta, purple, red, orange, white, pink, and lilac. Within the flowerheads, each individual flower is quite small and inconspicuous.
Gomphrena globosa is originally from Central America, but is now grown globally. As a tropical annual plant, G. globosa blooms continuously throughout summer and early fall. It is very heat tolerant and fairly drought resistant, but grows best in full sun and regular moisture. This is one of my earliest tele pics and I love it. I was able to zoom only on the single inflorescence with the vegetation in the background getting blurred to a uniform, formless green.
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By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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तन्हाई से अब प्यार हो गया,तेरी यादें जो संग है,
हवाओं की आहट अच्छी लगे,तेरा इंतजार जो है,
रात का खौफ किसे,इतनी शीतल चांदनी जो है,
भोर का इंतजार किसे,तेरे सपनों की चाहत जो है….

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