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A signature tune for an eternity….

It was probably the summer of 1963, and my first cousin Prakash (now a senior , renowned dental surgeon in Pune) and I were at our older aunt’s heritage home in Pune. Our older cousins were full of life and the merry boys of Bhamburda who were led by my second oldest cousin, who was the Chief Wrestling Coach in the National Institute of Sports, Patiala were our role models. Bhaudada was God, Superhero and super capable. He also was given the first ever Dronacharya Award by the Government of India. Most importantly he was by far the most child friendly of all in our Big Fat extended Indian family. He had procured a turntable for my aunt’s home and dogday afternoons were spent using this. The most enduring memory I’ll have from this era would be this song playing off a 45 rpm record and some 9-10 of us dancing to this eternal signature tune from a fun movie.

The movie after which the song is named had Rock Hudson, and Gina Lollobrigida (La Lollo) in the lead with Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee . The plot has been used in multiple Bollywood movies ( after editing out the affair part of course)

Rock Hudson and his paramour, Gina Lollobrigida are into what is now referred to as a Long Distance Relationship. He is rich, American and a philanderer. They’ve been spending Septembers in his villa on the Italian seashore. Once, aching for her company, he calls her asking to meet up in July instead. Gina dumps her fiance that she is engaged to and puts off the planned marriage. She links up with Rock and goes to the villa to discover the manager has been renting it out in the prolonged absence of the owner and a group of young girls are staying there. Rock Hudson manages to end up chaperoning them and further (quite like Bollywood) twists and turns in the storyline ensue , with plenty of misunderstandings all around. The man and the mistress finally take the plunge and get married, to return to the villa for an official honeymoon only to discover that the villa has now been let out to a group of nuns.

In an age bereft of devices and TV, this one record (I remember Billy Vaughn and his orchestra being credited with the flip side having Berlin Melody) gave us endless pleasure.

Such a wonderful recall, the morning of 1st September. Took me back nearly 60 years. Stay safe folks and have a wonderful day and week ahead.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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We used to watch this movie in Indore by bunking engineering classes continuously for 5 years every September in 65/69.

A very innocent movie with simple plot. No headache

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