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बस यूँही……….

While all the other flowers with fragrance were grabbing all the attention, the Chrysanthemum quietly bloomed in one corner, adding charm of its own.
A very commonly cultivated garden plant. We have three varieties. Chrysanthemum × grandiflorium , also called x morifolium (also known as florist’s daisy and hardy garden mum, is a hybrid species of perennial plant from family Asteraceae.

In complex total inflorescences are some to many cup-shaped partial inflorescences together. The tongue flowers can have in the many varieties of colors of green, white, or yellow, pink to purple. There are varieties with simple flowers that look like daisies and varieties with double flowers, looking like pompoms more or less big. The plant starts to bloom when the length of the day is less than 14 hours.

To note, during the millennia and a half of cultivation, tens of thousands of different cultivars have been obtained, with flower heads of very different shapes, sizes and colors. It is mainly by looking at the leaves that one can know that it is a chrysanthemum.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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*गैरसमज हा खुप मोठा आजार आहे याची लागण होण्यापुर्वीच माणसाने समजुन घेण्याच्या सवयीची लस टोचुन घ्यावी अहंकार आणि गैरसमज या दोन गोष्टी माणसाला त्यांच्या मित्र व आप्तेष्टांपासुन दुर करतात गैरसमज त्याला सत्य ऐकू देत नाही आणि अहंकार त्याला सत्य पाहू देत नाही*

*🌹 शुभ सकाळ🌹*

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वो तो मिलने का एक बहाना ही था,
कहां रुकते वो,जो आते है उसे जाना ही था,
मिलन की खुशी को हमे मनाना ही था,
और ढेर सारे गम इस मासूम दिल को उठाना ही था….

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