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बस यूँही……..

बस यूँही….
Our damask roses are in full bloom, making the garden fragrant and enticing us to spend more time in the green, fragrant environs.

The Damask rose is a deciduous shrub growing to about 2 metres  tall, the stems are densely armed with stout, curved prickles and stiff bristles. The leaves are pinnate, with five (rarely seven) leaflets. The roses are a light to moderate pink to light red. The flowers grow in groups. The bush and the flowers are considered an important type of an old rose variety and also important for its prominent place in the pedigree of many other types.


The hybrid is divided in two varieties:

Summer Damasks (R. × damascena nothovar. damascena) have a short flowering season, only in the summer.

Autumn Damasks (R. × damascena nothovar. semperflorens (Duhamel Rowley) have a longer flowering season, extending into the autumn; they are otherwise not distinguishable from the summer damasks.



By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

24 replies on “बस यूँही……..”

एक गुस्ताखी मैने भी कर ली,
गुल को गुलाब भेजकर,
पता नहीं किसने अंगड़ाई ली,
हम तो मदहोश हो गए दोनो को देखकर….

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यूं अधरों से मत छूना बेचारे गुलाब को,
कहीं शर्म से फिर बिखर ना जाए,
यूं नैनो से मत देख जलती शमा को,
कहीं रश्क से फिर वो बूझ ना जाए,
यूं मत दिखा अंगड़ाई उन लताओं को,
कहीं पेड़ो से पगली फिर लिपट ना जाए,
यूं दांतो में मत दबाना अपने लबों को,
कहीं इन अदाओं से फिर हम बेहोश ना हो जाए,
यूं थोड़ा दबा के चल तेरे पावों को,
कहीं पायल की छनकार से फिर शोर ना मच जाए,
यूं आंचल में थोड़ा छिपा के रख अपने चेहरे को,
कहीं तेरी एक अदा पे हम फिर घायल ना हो जाए….

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Khoop sunder gulaab ani photo sunderch ghetalay… Prasann sakal keli ya gulabane !!

” Dil ka paigaam Gulaab ke jariye tum buejana, Koi baat nahi…
Gulaab ko dekh, unn ki kali khil jaye, vo muskuraye, tumhare kismat ki baat sahi…
Dost, sambhal ke, kahi koi Kaanta gulaab ka unhe chubhe to.. Allah, tumhari khair nahi..” Shibaa

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Dhanywad Sir. Dhanyawad Daxay Sir.
Sir, aap couplet likhte ho jo bahut lajawaab hote hai, aur Daxay Sir jo likhte hai vo bhi mai padhti hoon, gaur karati hoon, dono se inspired ho ke, phir chota mota prayas karati hoon.. 🙏🏻 kuch kabhi galati ho, to jarur aap bata dena.. Sikhana chahungi aap sabhi se..

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First of all I’m सिर्फ Daxay. Please don’t use “Sir” as suffix.

Secondly thanks for reading my post. I really appreciate your motivational message..

Thirdly I’m inspired by same Dr. ABC as you are…

Lastly You do write too good and speak out your feelings very nicely and certain punches hits the Bulls eye….

Keep on writing and enjoy…

All d best…

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