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बस यूँही……

The night was magical. The clouds had largely cleared away and the moon rose lazily, as if it had overslept, behind the few wisps of clouds that lingered close to the horizon. I watched fascinated, in awe from a distance, unblinking, as divine beauty unfolded in front of my eyes. For a few fleeting moments the skies were infused with the most enchanting colours before the moon came into it’s own, bathing the countryside with it’s cool incandescence.
For those who might have difficulty understanding some beauteous words
दिलकश: desirable, enchanting,
शबाब: beauty of youth,   आरास्ता:  adorned,
तहफ़्फ़ुज़: protection.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

20 replies on “बस यूँही……”

देख चांद भी छिप गया बादलों के पीछे,
कहीं कीसीकी नज़र ना लग जाए,
तूं भी छिपा ले ये दिलकश शबाब घूंघट की पीछे,
कहीं कीसीकी नज़र ना लग जाए,
तहफ़्फ़ुज़ के नाम खुदा ने लगाई अमावस पूर्णिमा के पीछे,
कहीं कीसीकी नज़र ना लग जाए,
हमने भी तेरा आरास्ता चेहरा छिपाया हमारे नैनो के पीछे,
कहीं कीसिकी नज़र ना लग जाए….

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