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In your thoughts….

I was thinking of this old favourite and had listened to it some 4 times on a loop when by sheer coincidence ( ? Telepathic connection) my wise shayar ( & fellow lover of ghazals and an Ex Railways batsman) friend from Philadelphia, Nick Maneckshaw sent me a reminder of the very same immortal melody. Amazing that both of us , separated by two large ponds and having met only in cyberspace, should somehow zero in on the one piece from hundreds of amazing pieces of work by the maestro.

This ghazal was first rendered by Mehdi Hasan in a film, and that version is necessarily much shorter in duration, given the temporal constraints of the medium. However his versions from his live concerts are more typical of the man and more relaxed and performed almost adagio, inducing a sense of languor in the audience. A wonderful rendition based predominantly on Bhairavi.

The lyrics are by Salim Qauser, although wrongly attributed to others despite the clear allusion to the shayar in the Maqta

मैं ख़याल हूँ किसी और का मुझे सोचता कोई और है

सर-ए-आईना मेरा अक्स है पस-ए-आईना कोई और है

मैं किसी के दस्त-ए-तलब में हूँ तो किसी के हर्फ़-ए-दुआ में हूँ

मैं नसीब हूँ किसी और का मुझे माँगता कोई और है

अजब ए’तिबार ओ बे-ए’तिबारी के दरमियान है ज़िंदगी

मैं क़रीब हूँ किसी और के मुझे जानता कोई और है

मेरी रौशनी तिरे ख़द्द-ओ-ख़ाल से मुख़्तलिफ़ तो नहीं मगर

तू क़रीब आ तुझे देख लूँ तू वही है या कोई और है

तुझे दुश्मनों की ख़बर न थी मुझे दोस्तों का पता नहीं

तेरी दास्ताँ कोई और थी मेरा वाक़िआ कोई और है

वही मुंसिफ़ों की रिवायतें वही फ़ैसलों की इबारतें

मेरा जुर्म तो कोई और था प मिरी सज़ा कोई और है

कभी लौट आएँ तो पूछना नहीं देखना उन्हें ग़ौर से

जिन्हें रास्ते में ख़बर हुई कि ये रास्ता कोई और है

जो मेरी रियाज़त-ए-नीम-शब को ‘सलीम’ सुब्ह न मिल सकी

तो फिर इस के मअ’नी तो ये हुए कि यहाँ ख़ुदा कोई और है

Another version from a later live concert which has , unusually for Khan saheb, keyboards and more contemporary instrumentation.

Here’s a longer version of the same ghazal. Nearly 25 minutes of pure bliss, an auditory nirvana.

The ghazal has been rendered by several other greats in the field, such is it’s magnetic power. These include Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and countless other pretenders. I must say I can only bring myself to listen to Jagjit Singh, who stuck to pure gayaki without indulging in showboating. He has the skills to veer away from Khansaheb’s Bhairavi and enter into the melodious realms of Charukeshi.

Have fun, folks, stay healthy and happy. The return to work after a few days’ holiday is always a rude reminder of what lies ahead. Today is no exception.

By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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