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बस यूँही….

A new variety of hibiscus flower smiled at me early in the morning. A delicate shade of pink with a darker centre. The dew drops glistened on its petals and leaves like shiny pearls. I stood still for a few moments, marvelling at nature’s bounty.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Just as The Sun, Moon, stars, sky, oceans….Mighty Marvel’s of the Creator, makes me wonder day after day to hum the old song ” Yeh Kaun CHITRAKAR hain yeh kaun Chitrakar ” lyrics Mukesh ji of movie ‘Boond Jo ban gayi Moti ‘
Same way the same song hums in me, upon seeing the Boundless Beauty of Flowers …a. small Marvel from the same Creator ! , But placed right there within our arms distance to keep on admiring its beauty of colours put in perfect design, right from bud to full bloom.. And reminding us the Creators presence right here in front of our eyes..

Dr. Saheb thanks for reminding us, of the small, yet perfect Marvel’s of Nature’s Beauty !!

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