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बस यूँही……

The night was noiseless, serene and cold, it’s skies illumined by the gentle twinkling of the stars and the air laden with the sweet intoxication of the Raat ki Raani, the delicate, innumerable flowers in full bloom, spreading it’s unique , heady fragrance. I am sure everyone around must have fallen in love with the overpowering, dominant aroma.
Cestrum nocturnum, the lady of the nightnight-blooming jasminenight-blooming jessaminenight-scented jessaminenight-scented cestrum or poisonberry, is a species of plant, incredibly enough from the potato family, Solanaceae . Originally native to the West Indies, it is now naturalized not just throughout India. Cestrum nocturnum has become widely naturalized in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the world, including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, southern China and the southernmost United States, and is difficult to eradicate. It is classed as a weed in some countries.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

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Dramatic photo….
Beautiful night capture👌👌

रातराणीच्या सुगंधातूनी
आठवणी त्या तरळत येती
पहाटेच्या अनिलासंगे
अलगद पुन्हा विखरूनी जाती

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वाह क्या बात है , रजनीगंधा होती ही ऐसी है , खयालोंमे दूरसेही अच्छी लगती है ।

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हमने भी पहरा लगाया है दिल की दहलीज पर यादों का तेरी,
एक और पहरा सजाया है सांसों पर खुश्बू -ए -बदन का तेरी,
नैनो पे कब से पहरा सजाए बैठे है वो भोली सी सूरत जो तेरी,
अब बता मेरे पहरेगिर कैसे कटे दिन रात बिना बातों के तेरी….

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Waw.. Superb raatrani flowers !!
Couplet : Kya baat hai, wah

“Raatbhar Chhand ke saath chamakati rahi Chandani…
Aangan me mere, teri yaado’n ki khushbu deti rahi raatraani..
Yuh yaado’n me sirf aaya na Karo..
Jab kar hi diya hai “Dil” ke badale “Dil” ka Sauda, “Dulhan” ban, mere “ghar-aangan” me raaj to karo..” Shibaa

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