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बस यूँही…….

The yellow lotus, the flower of the Nymphaea mexicana, bloomed in the water, fortunately when we were there.
Common names include yellow waterlilyMexican waterlily and banana waterlily.
Nymphaea mexicana is perhaps best known as a weed in other areas outside its native range, like California. It can easily invade similar aquatic ecosystems when introduced. The plant is attractive and has been introduced to new habitats for ornamental purposes.


By abchandorkar

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist, Pune, India

20 replies on “बस यूँही…….”

जमानेने फूलों के बलिदान को इतना छोटा समझ लिया,
आगोश में आके भंवरे ने कली को खिलना तो सिखाया,
स्वार्थी बड़ा,जब तृप्त हुआ तो अपना जीवन समेट लिया,
फूलों का देखो,विरह में तड़पा,मुरझाया और फिर बिखर गया…

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Aayush ,kiti rasikatene jagav, tumhi chaan sangata Sir.. Dhanyawad.
sunder chitr. , sunder shabd.. Wah.

“Guroor kyo na kare hum, tere pyaar me jo jaley hum…
Har koi chahata hai tumhe, per jaan to sirf loota dete hai hum..” Shibaa

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